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Hello there, friend!

Let’s pretend we’re in the middle of the city. New York City. Or London City. Or wait…Central City. Look up and around. The skyscrapers, sleek buildings, bright lights, busy people, busy shops and busy lives. And long legs, high heels, Tiffany’s and fashion. Breathe in the buzz.

The man in the Armani with a briefcase, the immaculately dressed woman rushing out of the shop. The girls with the shopping bags rushing through the traffic.. lights, horns perfumes, phone calls,…. And then, time stops.

And now it’s at this moment, where I tell you my stories. Here is where we capture the moment and get caught in the buzz. The man in the suit? He’s single-handedly got a million dollar project in hand. The woman with the coffee and cream is buzzing with energy. It’s always a big day. That man in the Mercedes worked his butt off to buy that one.

And look there’s a sale on that Prada store round that corner! On the 59th floor of that glassy building, is an all-glass-and-granite lounge. Celebrities, businessmen, plush carpet, exotic food, brand new iMacs… Here we live a thousand lives as we buzz through a day.

All the grandest things in this world in this one wide street. And my tales here for you, taking you through.

Look around you as the buildings spin. You could be anyone here. The lights are so bright. The dreams are so big. The heartbeats are loud. You’re here. I’m here. I’m central city girl. And all we have is now.

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