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How Much Willpower Do you Have?| Take this Quiz!

Do you have your attention wandering playfully and doing somersaults at times when you absolutely need to focus?

Do u keep having that irresistible urge to quit even though you know you’re more than halfway through? 

Or are you a strong-willed person, tough as a nail and determined? Let’s find out!

So ever heard of the Five-More Rule?

Let’s see if you are in a dire need for it. Click the Button below to start the Quiz!

Or if you’d like to take the Test manually, HERE we Go!

Grab a pen and a paper and take the Quiz! You may need it to note down the options. ( Psst.. Try to be completely honest and think before you answer! )

1. When I am performing a difficult task, I 

  • (a) try to finish as quickly as possible so that I can put my feet up
  • (b) enjoy the challenge and try to give my level best
  • (c) worry that I won’t be able to compete it /  lose my temper / pay someone else to do it / save it for later

2. When trying to stick to a new regime (diet, work schedule, financial budget, revision)

  • (a) stick rigidly to the rules and try to work day and night
  • (b) allow myself the occasional lapse without beating myself up about it
  • (c) quickly cave in to temptation, work day and night / quit after a few days

3. Other people seem to have it easier than me

  • (a) sometimes
  • (b) rarely
  • (c) always

4. I keep promises I make to myself

  • (a) sometimes
  • (b) always
  • (c) try to, but only rarely succeed

5. Hard work pays off 

  • Absolutely, and always
  • Sometimes
  • Possibly, or rarely?

6. The most useful question I can ask is 

  • (a) Why?
  • (b) Why not?
  • (c) Why mee??!!?

7. When something isn’t working out, I 

  • (a) keep plugging away
  • (b) review the situation and I’m not afraid to change direction of required
  • (c) get stressed out/ blame everything/ blame myself

8. I would best describe willpower as :

  • (a) a finite resource that runs out when you focus less and needs refilling
  • (b) a self renewing supply that always gives as much as I require. Only thing required is to set my mind.
  • (c) something only other people possess, even though I want to

So, done with the quiz? Let’s see the outcomes.


Mostly A :

You have some willpower, Congo! But it’s all or nothing with you. Sometimes you aren’t prepared to put in the consistent work to get the results that you desire and shirk responsibility for your failures. You have a tendency to think something or someone else is responsible for you problems and  their solutions.

Mostly B :

You have the traits of a highly successful person, combing willpower and consistency with the ability to admit your own failings. You have the confidence and flexibility to change track when a new strategy is required. You take pleasure in being creative and seeing where opportunities can take you, without being too much of a perfectionist. 

Mostly C : 

You need to learn to take responsibility for your future by getting busy in the present moment. You lago self-reliance because your previous setbacks have dented your motivation and spirit of adventure. The good news is that you can improve your prospects instantly by asking a little bit more from yourself with the ‘Five-more’ rule.

So What is this Five-More Rule? 

So basically, whenever you feel your mind wandering and want to get up, just do FIVE MORE – stay on task for 5 more minutes, do 5 more reps in the gym, do 5 more maths problems. 

So the more you do this, the more you will find it easier to follow! You can push beyond what you thought biologically and mentally by increasing your commitment and stamina.

As you do this, you may instinctively want to do more work. How about that? 🙂


Too glam to give a damn 💫

11 thoughts on “How Much Willpower Do you Have?| Take this Quiz!

    1. Heyy that is super great!! 😃😁 Congrats on you willpower!! 😎😃
      And also, I just realised today that a comment I had sent you earlier didn’t actually reach you. So, just letting you know that I would love to do the guest post! ☺ I can send u anytime right?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha maybe you should. But I am sure you DO have the willpower, from as far as I have seen. (Hint hint: your revision). Thanks for trying!!

      Liked by 1 person

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