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Chosen: My New Story || Part 2!

Peek-a-boo! I’m back!

So here’s is the part 2 of the story. And just thaaaankss a ton ❤ for all the love you gave me on my first part. Thanks for inspiring me to write. I have no idea where I’d be without you. ❤

For those who missed the first part, you can read it here. Thanks! 😁

So here it goes-

Her brother hugged her just as she stepped inside her house. It was a rare thing, because ha! since when did brothers and sisters start showing such open affection towards each other? “I’m proud of you, girl”, he whispered faintly.

 Ofcourse he then tried to correct himself by putting on his usual abominable brotherly attitude, saying, “I’m so proud of the way you paid heed to all my advice and…you’re not that bad…” he rambled on. 

But nothing could come close to doing anything to her high spirits. Her mom kissed her and her dad came in with a bunch of freshly baked blackcurrant muffins. 

“Oooo…how warm and delicious they smell”, Hayley crooned. Life seemed to be all colors. “Thank you, God”, she whispered to herself. 

That night she went to bed early. As she gazed at the moon and the stars at the close of the eventful day and lived over the joys it had brought her, she looked forward to the next morning. 

She dreamt oceans that night. She dreamt of herself dancing around violets, roses and lillies; sinking into the cool leaves and grass. She came upon honeysuckles and beautiful English ivy; and how lovely they were. Everything she touched seemed to quiver with life and the song of the robin was an enchantment to her soaring spirits.

The next day she woke up early with the sunrise. The school hall was filled with looks of awe and admiration in her direction. She smiled gayly and reached her locker. She was treated with an outburst of compliments.

“Merlin’s beard! I wonder how you managed to do that! It was one hell of a show last night, Hay”.

“Girl, you totally ROCKED!!”

“I’m so happy for you!!! You deserve it.”

Crowds gathered around her. Her eyes twinkled more than the usual, as she looked around her merrily.

And there he was again, standing at the corner and gazing at her.

God, she looks pretty.

He gazed as her whole face lit up as she laughed, eyes blazing and her lips stretching into the widest smile you’d see. He stared with unblinking eyes, and pushed back his lock of hair that fell on his face, absently. Several girls giggled in his direction, trying to catch his attention. But he was now focused on her.

As she walked to her class, he heard her heels tapping on the floor. She carried herself elegantly with ease, and with a brilliant finesse that no one could match. Her laugh was never forced and always rang distinctly above from the rest.

Her long limbs and delicacy dominated every room she entered, with her head held high.

I want her.

‘Nooo I don’t. Remember the things that are stake.’ He scolded himself.

But…Maybe just being an acquaintance would cause no harm?

He shook away his thoughts vigorously. But atleast I can be next to her. He thought, with a mere satisfaction. Smiling grimly, he caught her eyes as she walked away.

 Her distracted eyes didn’t notice him at first. And then confusion overtook them, and she blinked.

But now there was something in his head. He winked at her smugly as she walked away. One hell of a job to do, he thought to himself and sighed.

Okayyy and this is how it ends here!!! 😁😜 This is just the beginning and I hope you guys like it enough to keep track with the series. Thankss a ton!!

Feel free to voice yourself. Because I am open to suggestions and ideas!! Whoop yes. 🙂

So Until next time,



Too glam to give a damn 💫

15 thoughts on “Chosen: My New Story || Part 2!

    1. Thankk you so so much for reading, my absolutely amazing friend!! 😁 Thanks for inspiring me because I wouldn’t have thought of continuing at all, if it wasn’t for your novel.❤ I’m absolutely glad you like it..yaayy!! 😃

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  1. I’m so hooked into what you’ve written so far so I’ll definitely try to keep up with this series! This was also fab by the way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I THINK I AM GOING TO SCREAM RIGHT NOW LIKE WHAT OMG I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH.. Awww you’re simply one of THE loveliest people ever, I guess. Thankss so so so muchh Ash. I’m so honoured. Geee

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    1. OMYY GOSH THANKSS A TONN WHOAA ARE YOU SERIOUS❤😲….Its coming up! And I hope it’ll be something fine. Lol
      And I love dramatic people. 😃😂

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