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Inside Home – Photography By Monica (Guest)

Our Guest is back here!! *cheers* And with a ton more pictures too :))

The Guest:

Monica is an artist, a photographer and my friend. You can see her work here, where she displays the abstract symbols of trees, candles and ocean waves over here on my blog😁 . I am seriously sure you’ll love it, because I certainly did, CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT SHE DOESN’T HAVE A PRO CAMERA⭐

So basically, as you can see from the title, I begged asked Monica to send some of her pictures while we were chatting and she did!

A  Chilly Rainy Day

Uh oh. Look who wanted to take a picture instead of cleaning up🤷‍♀️🙆‍♀️ Gosh, the picture clarity.❤ Aaand she doesn’t have an iPhone X.

Oh did I mention the fact that she is ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS I’VE EVER KNOWN?!?!

(I should probably do a separate post on that because her stuff is simply incredible. Way cooler than ANY of this!! And I’m surprising myself by saying this because I hate Art. Seriously. Well, not exactly. I just have 0 patience 😅😂🤷‍♀️)

So this was taken when it was drizzling outside and its …okay I don’t know where this one comes from, but it’s cool. 😂 Clearly it’s a railing of some sort. And again, the clarity. ❤

La la la la!! Again, I’ve no idea what this is either, but it’s something with which you play. 😂 (Umm…this is getting awkward?) Never mind.

And this is my FAVOURITE one again!! JUST OMG I DON’T SEE SUCH PLACES WHEN I WALK AROUND. I simplyy lovee this one because I honestly have no idea as to how she made the old tree look so abstract and the sky so blue. ❤ Whoaoaa. 😭

I think that’s all for now. I’ll be coming next with entire post of her best sketches which will absolutelyy make you gape!! Totally!! 😉❤


Too glam to give a damn 💫

30 thoughts on “Inside Home – Photography By Monica (Guest)

  1. OMIGOD! Wow! 😮 These photos are simply AWE-INSPIRING & AMAZING! 😍😍 I LOVE them! My favs are the broken jar and the old tree! They’re SO lovely! ❤️❤️❤️ Send My Love To Her & Thankyou So Much For Sharing This! 😘😘

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    1. Aawww I love youu!!! ❤ I think you’ve got a hundred years, because I was totally thinking about you while doing this post!! 😋 Truly!! And oomg, justt thankss a million because though I didn’t take them, I feel so bloody happyyy!! And she’s probably going to cry. 😂 Thankss again, and yours are wayyy brilliant by the way ❤.
      P.S. There’s also a part 1. Maybe you could go through that if you have time? I consider you as professional and would love to hear your thoughts!! ❤ (Serious!)

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      1. I love youu more! ❤️❤️
        Hahaha – I’m only 15 tho! 😂😂😂
        Great minds think alike! 🙂👍

        It’s My Absolute Pleasure Sweetie! 😍
        Awww – I’m glad my words made you both so happy! 😁

        Ooooh – part 1? I’ll make sure to check it out asap! 😉 Thanks for telling me! 😊

        You consider me as a professional? That’s like the sweetest thing ever! Thankyou SO much! Love youu! ❤️❤️❤️

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        1. Haha I’m 15 too!
          And ikrr!! My best friend and I say that to each other often.😂

          And thankss! 🙂💙
          Yass! 😁 I mean, they look so good!! It makes me totally want to go to that place-wherever you took them!
          And I LOVE YOU TOO!! ❤

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    1. Yaaass thankss a lot Grace!! 😁💙 I totally told her that and she was really happy. By the way OOMG did your sister really take those?!! Goodness, WHOA that spider web was the coolest!! Monica checked them out too and all she could say was, ” Calling them ‘good’ is the biggest understatement because they’re simply incredible!! WHOAA”

      How old is she? I’m guessing she’s younger than you, right? I’m eager to know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s okay! Oh good, I’m glad she was pleased, those photos were so creative!

        I read my sister this comment and watched a grin spread over her little face. She was SO happy! Usually, the only people who comment on her photography are family members so she was so excited to receive this praise from you and Monica. Thank you for totally making her day.

        She’s ten now, but was nine when she took most of those (her birthday was only a couple of weeks ago).

        P.s. It feels SO good to be back.

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        1. Aaww gosh, I LOVE Irys already!!!❤❤ She’s incredible. 😁 Monica was feaking out about her age because her photos are awesome haha. Send her my love and wishes! 😊
          P.S. Yass!! Do you use any other platform other than email? 🙂 Just asking. Xx

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    2. Gracie,
      Tell your sister that I think that her photography is absolutely amazing! I am blown away by some of the pictures she has taken. She definitely has a talent with photography. ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much!! God I can’t believe YOU just said that. ❤❤ I mean, your photos are simply wayyyy out of the League. 😂😂 Thanks so much!! 😀 I’m sure Monica would be happy!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoaa thaaanks a lot!! 😁😁❤ I’m right on my way to check out your blog too. And basically, the pictures are by my friend. And I’m sure she’ll be terrible happy to hear😁❤

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  2. Goshh I don’t really follow many make up reviews because like I said, as much as I love them I’m not allowed to use much and they’re pricey. But your taste is awesomee!! Truly.❤ woaah.


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