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Here you’ll be judged on what you wear, your taste in music, what you look like and the language you speak.

Here is where the residents decide to look at your skin colour, your height, your weight and practically every other personal trait and “‘imperfection'” about you… and NOT at the beating heart inside. *phew* Relieved, huh? 🙂

Here you’ll be criticised for believing in a certain God; where people only ‘pretend’ to be happy; where kids no longer play tag, but watch TV and YouTube for 5 hours a day and where every 9 year old has an iPhone.

Enjoy your stay.

Tips & Guidelines:

  • You’re considered ‘cool‘ if you do things that can positively kill you.
  • You’re considered ‘hot‘ if you show some skin.
  • The country that has the lead in weapons of mass destruction is considered to be the most powerful. Killing others makes you powerful. How fun.👏 *bows*
  • 15 seconds of fame is valued more than a lifetime of meaning and purpose. (You have no idea.)
  • Slips of paper with printed numbers is valued more than life in itself. So do anything to get them and you’ll be on top of the world. Oh yeah.
  • Starving yourself for the perfect body earns you millions and supposedly makes you happy. Mm? Uh, yep.
  • And hold on, if you have no money and hence hardly any clothes, you’re poor. Ew. But if you have king sized wardrobes for each season and still decide to stroll in naked, you’re a fashion icon. How. HOT🔥
  • People are divided into many parts. You have the Diplomats, Workers, Freelancers, and the Currently Unemployed. If you are lucky enough to be born directly into the Diplomat level, you are set.
  • “”DEVELOPMENT”” means burning down the things that bloody keep us alive. (Um..Trees?). No kidding.

Yeah, this is exactly how it works here. Let’s applaud please!

Facilities Offered:

  • Polluted air
  • Corrupt leaders
  • Neighbours who barely know who lives next door
  • Contaminated water
  • Intolerable climate change
  • Extinct and endangered animals
  • A full dose of lies from everywhere you turn
  • A large teaspoon of swear words on roads
  • An ultra large mega-size container full of people who remain oblivious to ALL THIS.

But why? Why all the priveliges? Simple.

Because this is the ‘modern’ world. And we, are extremely delighted and absolutely glad to offer you the best of these services.

So once again, enjoy your stay. 🙂

A Warm Welcome from the Manager and the people:

Dearest resident,

Please feel free to be yourself.

Make sure to love your body – not too much or we’ll tear you down. We’ll bully you for smiling and criticize if you frown.

We’ll tell you that you’re worthless, and that you shouldn’t make a sound, and pretend to cry with all the others as you lay buried in the ground. You can love anyone, as long as it’s someone we choose. Ah yes.

You can have your opinions; but shape them to our views. (Or, of course you’ll be crushed to death).

So welcome to our society. We promise we won’t deceive.

But one more rule now that you’re here – There’s no way you can leave.

Thank You for choosing us.

With the Best of Regards.

P.S: The hell with this. I wasn’t particularly happy in writing this at all, but sometime in the middle I got so angry that I wanted to brutally blurt out all the hidden misfortunes and the sad conditions of our society. 

But, I decided to publish this on the hope that WE as today’s generation rise up against this. Practically speaking, if THOSE people had the pluck to transform our beautiful earth to THIS condition, then we have all the more guts and courage to change it back AGAIN. I mean, why not?

They say it’s not really possible. But aren’t WE the ones who make impossible possible?





Too glam to give a damn 💫

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  1. WOW this is so meaningful and inspiring! It’s something we all know is going on but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone write it in a way that speaks volumes of how wrong our world is today. I admit I thought you were writing an amazing dystopian novel until I realized it’s all real and true. 💗xx

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    1. Omgg goshh you have noo idea how much this means to me!! I don’t even consider myself much of a writer but hearing this just made me gasp. Thanksss a hundredd😢😢❤❤ YOU ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY BY READING THIS. ILY. ❤ XX

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      1. Your writing has a way of provoking emotions (I got a sense of the anger you say you felt whilst writing it) and being able to put that through your words just proves how brilliant a writer you are. Aww no problem I couldn’t not comment! Hope you have a lovely day! 😄💗xx

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  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is brilliant. I love your creativity. You ARE a writer, even if you don’t recognise it. I wrote something very similar to this a while ago, but I decided it was too negative and I should focus on making change rather than dwelling on the darkness of this world. However, we do need to acknowledge our faults before we change. If you’re interested, I’ll email the piece to you???

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      Your words mean hell of a lott to me, you have no idea!!💙
      And yepp! I was also thinking about that when I wrote this and had my doubts as well. However I felt we needed to accept it first, just like you said. 😊
      And yepp!! I’d love to read your piece! Do send it. 😁

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  3. I LOVE THIS. Thank you so, so, so much for sharing this and posting on your blog. This is SUCH an important topic, and the way you wrote about it really spoke to me. I know for an absolute fact that whoever reads this will seriously take your words into thought and deep consideration. Reading this, and seeing another blogger who has such similar thoughts about the issues we face as a society really made my day ❤ 😊


    Aqsa ❤

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      I’m so glad it actually reached people, because otherwise it would be completely useless. And thank YOU for being a big support on fighting for things that matter. 😀
      And it makes my day to see so many people caring about this. We could REALLY do it, you know? Maybe we could form a group and start from small things?
      Thank You Aqsa! 😁❤

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      1. Aw this made me so incredibly happy!! ❤ And YES absolutely; we can achieve anything with endless optimism and keep fighting or letting our voices be heard for the positivity we believe in. You are so welcome, it was truly so wonderful! Lot's of hugs to you 😀 ❤ xx

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        1. YESSS!! ABSOLUTELY. And thank you so much again!! It does feel motivating and encouraging when people support. 😁❤ And lots of hugs back to you!! 😀 xx

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  4. Oh. my. god. This is so accurate!! I’m honestly speechless right now but just know that I one hundred percent agree.

    “Make sure to love your body – not too much or we’ll tear you down. We’ll bully you for smiling and criticize if you frown.”

    “where kids no longer play tag, but watch TV and YouTube for 5 hours a day and where every 9 year old has an iPhone”

    “”DEVELOPMENT”” means burning down the things that bloody keep us alive. (Um..How about trees?). No kidding.”

    Preach!! Honestly this needs to be shared with the world. I LOVE the ending too. You should be a writer.

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  5. This is really well-written. Sadly it’s true too…
    But you’re right, we are the ones that can make a change, can be nice, can accept people how they are. So let’s just ditch society like it is and make a better one. (or at least try)


    1. Exactlyy!! I’m hoping to start a group like thing in the blogosphere where each of us can work and do the tinyy things that make our lives slightly better. ☺ So maybe we can work forward to make our dreams come true! Xx

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  6. They say it’s not really possible. But aren’t WE the ones who make impossible possible?
    Omg ur my new favorite person. I just shared this with practically everyone I know. This is by far one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. You really are making a change through your writing so great job!

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    1. GOOD GRACIOUS THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😁😀❤ I’m so so glad to see many people supporting and realising the situation. I feel so good. Thank You, girl. Truly. ❤

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  7. this was so fucking beautiful and true and wonderful I’m so glad you posted it 🙂 hopefully there’s more people like you out there that can make this change

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    1. Thank you so much Mukta!! 😀Also, might I ask you to help me how to order for a design from your new website? I looked through it but I couldn’t figure what I had to do or how it works. Xx
      P.S. Also I guess you’re busy with Nanowrimo right now. So you can tell me when you’re free. And all the best!! 😀😁

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      1. I’m glad you’re interested! Most of the details for ordering are here:
        It’s rather simple, you just fill out the form and submit it, although I am busy this November so December would be better for me. I have nine projects postponed so it’s going to be a busy month! 😉 It’ll be fine if you sent in your order now so I can have some preparation beforehand, although if you’d rather do it later that’s okay too. Thanks again!

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    1. Heya there Evin! Thank you very much sweets X!!
      And haha I used to be humongous directioner, to no end!! So a high-five to us there! (I still am! though I no longer follow the boys’ solo careers sadly.)
      How about you? XX

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