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This is Something You should Read Over and Over Again

Okaaay. Listen carefully.

I want you to imagine a 4-year-old version of yourself sitting opposite to you right this minute. Got it?

She’s right there with cute pigtails, huge bright shining eyes, and her beautiful giggle spreading all over her face like the sunshine, that you can’t help but keep smiling at her. Her face is flushed and she looks at you curiously. Those chubby cheeks and little shoes that light up when she walks around.

Okay, now I want you to tell this little girl that she means absolutely nothing.

Tell her she’s an embarrassment, a humiliation, that she’s worthless and completely useless. And that you wish she died and had never been born.

Tell her to back off, because she can’t do anything properly. Call her all the names under the sun, a coward and ask her to keep quiet, because she’s awkward.

Are you doing it?

Can you say it…?? Can you say it at all ?

No. You couldn’t do it, right?

Now realise that this is essentially what you do to yourself every. single. day.

Don’t you keep calling yourself an awkward idiot everytime? Don’t you ask yourself to back off, because you tell yourself that you’re scared and that you’ll disappoint everyone anyway?

Don’t you wish you had never been born? And hate yourself?

There is no need of haters when you constantly put down yourself in front of others. How can you do that?

Well, what do you REALLY want to say to that kid?

That she’s worth it, right? That she’s incredible and should NEVER let ANYONE tell you otherwise. That there are some people who try to make you sad but you mustn’t let them.

That she’s as beautiful and bright as the sunshine coming out of the clouds, with giggles that has got ground into her skin like the freckles she’s got from the sunshine. That people are jealous of her, but she must be kind and brave. ISN’T IT?

Now say this new stuff to yourself.

Lift your shoulders and walk high. Every inch of you is carved beautifully.

Who says you aren’t worth it? And honestly, so what if anyone calls you anything at all? They aren’t you. And that’s your power.

You have calcium in your bones, iron in your veins, zinc in your cells, cobalt in your tissues, carbon in your souls and copper in your nerves. 93% stardust, with hearts made of flames and fire, we’re all just stars that have people names.

Say it to yourself. Repeat it. Believe it.

Before you put yourself down, please consider everything you’ve accomplished to get to this point- every life you’ve touched, every moment you’ve pushed beyond your fears. You are a champion. You’re a survivor.

You are an inspiration.

And this is something someone should say over and over again. ❤

Because you’re worth it.

P.S. If YOU believe you’re just a piece of trash, then who’s going to believe that you are a born diamond ?

The next time you feel useless, just remember that your organs are hella lotta money worth in the black market. Lol, just kidding.

You are worth so much more than you can ever imagine.

Remember though, they are rusted copper. You are fricking gold. . 💫


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40 thoughts on “This is Something You should Read Over and Over Again

        1. Um Hey! I wonder why it says your blog doesn’t exist when I click on. So maybe you could send me the link? Thank you! ☺

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  1. YESSS GIRLLLL! I love the quote at the end! And woww 😂😂 “The next time you feel useless, just remember that your organs are hella lotta money worth in the black market” Accurate 😂

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    1. Whoa thank you so much! I’m sorry I was on a break from blogging. So I couldn’t see till now. I’m so glaaad..thank you!! 😀😀

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  2. Hahahaha! “The next time you feel useless, just remember that your organs are hella lotta money worth in the black market.” This will be my fuckin’ quote from now on! Omg! You’re a genius!!


    1. Also, how do I actually visit your blog? It says something about “Alexander Techniques” but I’m not sure I understand. Thanks! 🙂

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