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A Quick Christmas Journal 2017

Late Merry Christmas everybody!!🎄🎊

Heck!😲😂Christmas is over already??!
Omg am I the only one without a Christmassy post up on my blog?! *sniffs back tears*

I did enjoy Christmas terribly though! What with all the shopping bags, Christmas cards, fireworks, party and gifts, I kicked it through!!! *dances* It was such an exciting month. I loved my Advent calendar and everyday was filled with events and more work that there was no time to blog through it all haha.

Yay! I’m sure everyone had their best day, and also, a belated MEERRYY CHRISSTMAASS!! 💖❣💟💝

Aand there were also assignments🙄 and exam prep from school that I basically had to delete WordPress to protect myself from the colossal d.i.s.t.r.a.c.t.i.o.n? I’ve got so many drafts with pictures uploaded, but they are soo unorganized, that you wouldn’t make head or tail out of it. 😅

And SO! I’ve put this all together as a nice quick little flip-through!😄🎊 *tries to make up for disappearing*

Anyway, first things first, so here comes the tree!🎄😁

                              Here’s the tree!🎄

This tree is technically my sister’s because she was the one who set up it up and took the picture.

This one is Monica’s. She has set up around 3 trees because they’re a huge family yay. (It must be amazing during festive times✨)

Christmas Markets!🌼

Christmas Goodies🤤

These Reindeer cookies are basically to die for. Mmm..🤤♥

Red velvet cake and Belgium chocolate along with cheese and vanilla = THE BEST jar cake ever. Wish it came in a jug instead of this teensy little jar😂😂😋. Mm… That’d be great!😍

Christmas kisses!!! That was probably the best idea they came up with, because this was the first time I ate this version.

I think I’m going to die looking at this picture. My friend threw a party just before Christmas, at a burger place and this one was my MOST favourite food of all!!! (Alll that cheese….Mm🤤🤤)

*mouth waters*

Coming to the Presents!

It’s a towel set. And down below is an eye shadow kit with the perfect set of darker rosy shades which I like🤗

Nail Colours! I used to be really obsessed with nail makeup and designs, but now I basically have noo time to even do my homework , let alone look at my nails. How pathetic. Still, no harm in stacking them up ;))))

I think this one looks a bit cool for something comfy, chic and casual?

I almost freaked out on this. I am crazzyy about Swaroski, and basically have an entire collection of Swaroski goods and necklaces. ( Hey I’m not a jewel maniac! I just love collecting )

So these are a few of the major gifts! Apart from the Christmas goodies, chocolates and cakes. Dinner was awesome too. Stating the obvious, are we not? Who doesn’t love all the food?😁🤤😂♥

And that’s a quick review of Christmas 2017! 😄

It was great fun doing this post. I’m more than just waiting to look at YOUR Quick Christmas Journal too! What do you think?


Too glam to give a damn 💫

22 thoughts on “A Quick Christmas Journal 2017

    1. Ikr! Thank you so much!! Credits to my gran. Xx
      I was basically thinking of you when I was taking the pictures, because I don’t usually do a lot of blog photos and when i did now, i sat there wishing I could take a few like you! I swear I’m not lying. Xx😁


    1. I know right!! They were so good, I’m so sad they’ll be back only next Christmas. 😟 Uhh. *sad face*
      And yayy thank you so muchh!! 😁 How was your Christmas?? Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, go on the with the Quick Christmas Journal too, then!! And yayy!! Thaaanks much. Oh I’m sure you did! Did you visit the Christmas markets?
      And sure hon! You too. 😁Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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