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Heaps of Love to Gracie Chick

Dearest Gracie,

It is the 29th of January… aaannd….


Joyeux Anniversaire mon meilleur ami !!!! (A tiiinny bit of French that I know😂)


We alwaays have soo much to talk and that’s one of the most brilliant things I can say about us. I can act as stupid as I want and say anything that I feel at the moment, and still feel comfortable when I’m with you. So here’s my attempt today, at conjuring some of my whirlwind thoughts and memories into something memorable for you. (Now this is a nice way to start isn’t it?)

I have little memory when it comes to my blogging history so I don’t remember the exact time when we first came across each other. But I do remember the first impression your blog had upon me.

I was new to blogging then and stumbling upon your blog had a massive impression on me. (It still does)

I love your writing style, how refreshing it is and how much your posts have taught me, can’t be expressed simply in words.

I know you’re probably celebrating now with your parents and friends, and as much I’d have loved to be there, I’m hoping to give you a present of words to equalise my absence.

I hope that this can show you how much I’ve valued you giving your thoughts to the world and how, I think, everyone should learn from what you’ve learned. I’ve alwaaays felt the same about our world, and that way I badly wanted to make a change. And to think someone was so passionate about that inspired me millions. To come across an entire blog upon that, lightened me up soo much! It gave me hope. And that is something I will never ever forget.

One of my biggest blogging blunders is that I’m not consistent. I go on breaks now and then, and even though I’ve met loads of lovely people and good friends here, my breaks leave an explicable gap. And before things are patched up, I’ll have to go again. But guess What? That hasn’t been the case with you.

You’ve alwaaays been there. Always there to talk to, someone to whom I could update what’s going on and it has been absolutely lovely. We’ve grown close in the past few months and I already feel like I’ve known you for years.

I remember vividly all those days when we used to chat for hours on end, and then keep calling each other because we simple can’t fix up a time for Skyping. I guess its still the same with us. 😂

I remember us trying pathetically to focus on work, when we’re badly tempted to reply to each other. And to think I was doing that on the previous day of my exam as well! Oh bother. 😜

I still smile at myself, thinking about the time when I used to come home after my exams and instantly check Skype. And then we start with 1 and end at 52526. 😂

From there, you’ve let me know how lovely, sweet and calm you can be. How much certain people can click so well. And not to forget your comments. They’re something I look forward to, each time I post. And I promise, every time they make me happy as hell. ❤

You are strong. And I know exactly how you’re feeling. As much as I’m tempted to grab you by the hand and make you sit next to me in class, and give you a real-life experience of how school works, and how we rag each so much there, all I can tell you now is that, you’ll one day experience that in your own way.

Your journey will take you places. Places to die for, and where you’ll get to meet amazing people. (DO NOT FORGET ME ON THE WAY OR I’LL HUNT YOU) Just kidding ?! 😂 Well, no.

It may seem tough, but in this world of internet and media, Skype, and whatnot, we are one large community in a large village. So one day you might visit your farm and relish the memories you had there. 🙂

You have an open mind and you will see snippets of sights that a lot of people will never see in their lifetime; I’m proud of you for taking something from each moment and for living, laughing and being so cheerful throughout, no matter what troubles come in your way. It is inspiring, if I must say.

To me, your life seems like an amazing journey and I think it’s so important that everyone should open their minds to new ways of living so that they can see how people live in different countries that aren’t their own. You could teach me a lot and I’d love to sit down with you and talk for hours.

You’ve shown me that there’s far more to life than just school, that the world holds so many undiscovered secrets, and one must keep searching until he finds his purpose; his destination. You, and by extension your family, have shown me that community, love and respect go a long way, that even when times get tough, there’s always a new life. That might sound really cheesy but I’m honestly so grateful to you for broadening my mind and letting me see the world you live in, if only in your words.

Today, having completed another successful year in this unfathomable roar of a life, and having grown a little bigger, throw your rays of sunshine as hard as you can. Let it reach even the darkest of places and you will be a brilliant galaxy of sunrays; of hope and happiness. Something that you’ve always wanted to be. And something you will be.

It makes me happy that you’re already trying so much. Because today it seems hard to come across such people who actually care about our world. You have helped people and you always will.

And in that process, I swear we’ll stay together through whatever happens. You’ve given me so much and I can’t forget that, or ever replace it. And once again, many happy returns of this lovely day!! 😁💕

Lots and LOTS of love


Too glam to give a damn 💫

17 thoughts on “Heaps of Love to Gracie Chick

  1. Dearest, dearest Bri! There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. I read this to my Mum and she’s CRYING. Literally, CRYING. I love you so so so so so so much and I am honoured, totally honoured to call you my best friend. I really really really hope that we stay in touch forever and even meet up in real life. I know we will, let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later though!!! I’m kinda tempted to hop on a train and make my way up to you right this second. I think meeting you in real life is officially #1 on my list of dreams at the moment.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! You mean an incredible amount to me. More than you could EVER know.

    We will change the world together, you are just as amazing as you say I am. You have such a questioning mind and a beautiful heart. A gift for words and writing and a wonderful, wonderful blog. Yes, you must post more, you have to!

    I love the photo at the end, it’s so true! I feel old…….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 4 people

      I promise, I genuinely promise this has got to be THE BEST thing I could EVER hear anyone say to me. AAAAHHHHHH. I’M GETTING OVERLY EMOTIONAL.
      I’m so so glad I made you happy, because you have no idea how much joy it brings to see your friend happy because of you. So there. 😁😁 THANK YOUUUUU. ❤❤❤❤❤ I’M SO GLAADD .
      And I got the brainstorm moment when you emailed me the photo right when I was typing this out. See that’s how we work. 😁😂


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  2. The title was catchy, so since I have because I HAVE….to go trhoug a bunch of blogs I really got good at reading quick, so for one the title is catchy and for two I bet you are from India, I do have a lot of followers from there and actually one person from India from wordpress came to visit me here in Spain, and the 3rd or 4rth… always talking about love and relationships with guys, so you might as well go to Hawaii or the Bahamas if you want, maybe Florida, that would be cool, actually Vegas would be nice, we can marry and un-marry in the same day.
    Getting a bit serious, just a bit though, your writing had a lot of passion to it, you put your soul into it at least it seems to me wich as a writer I like, so it was a nice read.
    Hawai or Bahammas!!?
    No worries for the first timers either they like my ironic sarcastic sense of humour or don’t.
    love ya.

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  3. Oh my gosh! This isn’t even to me and I am literally crying now! It’s so, so sweet! I really shouldn’t be crying because I’m about to go to school but I can’t stop! You’re the kindest friend ever!
    ~Emily xo

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