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The Real Neat Blogger Award

Come around peeps! Been nominated for another award yay🏆

It’s been SO long since I did awards and tags, even though I get UBER-EXCITED whenever someone nominates me!! But somehow I just keep procrastinating and they somehow disappear out of my mind entirely.😅  

But right now I am setting out to get them all done.💪 Aaand I profusely thank all my AMAZING blogging friends who have nominated me, because these awards have made me SO SO HAPPY AAAHH.👏👏

And I promise I will get them done no matter what. 😁 So if you ever wish to nominate me as someone deserving, please don’t hesitate because I certainly don’t want to be that ungrateful-cow-who-doesn’t-deserve-anything-because-she’s-lazy-and-she-procrastinates. Whoops! 😂😅😁
And here’s a HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely Zovi for nominating me for the Real-Neat Blogger Award! Please do check her out. She’s writes lovelyy poems.😊

The Rules :

1. Publish this on your blog by answering all the questions.

2. Put up that award logo over that post.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and also thank the person who made this award.

4. Nominate bloggers and ask them your own set of questions.

Here are My Answers!

  • What get’s you through a bad day (or everyday)?

Books? Definitely.
And sometimes(lol mostly) it’s my phone because I either let it out to someone or type out all the rubbish into a WP Draft.
You should try! It helps. ☺

  • One word that describes the relationship between you and your blog.

Hmmm….My Utopia? Honestly I can’t brainstorm further.
My blog means so much to me- it makes me happy, annoyed, bored, frustrated, satisfied, excited and whatnot! But its MY BLOG. Its a huge relationship. Sometimes I’ve felt the pressure too. But I’m sure I’ll never give it up. 😊

  • Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Both. Meaning, it energizes me most of the time because I get the urge to write more and more. But once I get it all out, it kind of makes me want to lie down. I think that’s because it relaxes me enough to put me to a peaceful sleep

  • Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

Ofcourse they can. Maybe they wouldn’t write YA, fiction, poems etc. But maybe they can write Textbooks or Scientific journals or research papers, orrr even Sci-fi novels?

Honestly, I’m no judge of what anyone can or cannot become. And nor is anyone.
But tbh, writing isn’t just all about feeling deep and emotional because I for one, am not a hugely emotional person. Its more about sharing an opinion

  • Do you think blogging is for nerds?

Lol that’s stupid😂 There’s zillions of blogs out there- photography, fashion, creativity, history, lifestyle etc. Hell, the entire internet is made up of blogs and websites. If you need me to be accurate, blogging is for people who have a vision. 😉

Here are My Nominees!!:

  1. Gracie Chick
  2. Chiri and Dochi
  3. Girl Illustrated
  4. Gayle
  5. Elena
  6. Pensivity101
  7. Mandibelle

And Here are Your Questions:

  • What hobby and career would you get into, if time and money weren’t the issue?
  • What was your idea of/about blogging before you started? Has it changed? How?
  • What state or country would you never want to visit? Why?
  • What takes up too much of your time?
  • What TV show or movie do you mostly skip or refuse to watch?

So there it goes! And if you aren’t nominated please free feel to do this award and you won’t find a person happier than I would be!

So what are YOUR answers? Feel free to comment them below!


Too glam to give a damn 💫

16 thoughts on “The Real Neat Blogger Award

  1. THANK YOU BRIN💖💖 I’m also working on another tag that is (cough cough) late, but I’ll get this done I promise!! May be just a bit because I’ve had internet issues but it’s gonna happen!!💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha sure! And thankss for the nomination too!! It was lovely-what you said. 💕💕I’ll try to do it asap. And this was also a bit very late. Oops. *tries to hide behind*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi BriN.
    Thanks for nominating me but I won’t be taking it further. I have however answered your questions.

    What hobby and career would you get into, if time and money weren’t the issue?
    I still love working with numbers, so getting my old job back as an analyst would suit me pretty well. As for a hobby, I wish I could draw or paint.

    What was your idea of/about blogging before you started? Has it changed? How?
    Hubby started me on the Blogging Path way back in 2013. I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested in my writings, opinions or poetry, but it appears I was wrong (thank you everyone for taking the time to read my musings!)

    What state or country would you never want to visit? Why?
    I’m not very well travelled at all, so any new country would be an adventure.
    The world is a beautiful, and sadly dangerous, place, so I would weigh my options up very carefully.

    What takes up too much of your time?
    Worry. I worry about health issues, the dog, family and keeping to budgets.

    What TV show or movie do you mostly skip or refuse to watch?
    Ah, we solved this issue over ten years ago and don’t have a TV. Even when we did, we avoided Soaps, Reality TV, Game Shows and actually most of what was being aired.
    One film I cannot watch is Apocalypse Now, purely for the scene where they hack the yak to death with machetes as it was real, not special effects. Any film where animals are harmed is off my watch list.

    I’ve scheduled my post for tomorrow, 31st


  3. Thank you soooooo much for the nomination!! I will be doing it soon(so yea, basically not soon cuz we all procrastinate) but yea I’ll be doing it. Also I loved hearing your answers btw. Nd I’ve been meaning to tell this for a while, I love the blog name ‘The Girl with Ironwings’ I even told my friends about ur blog!


  4. wow, love your blog and congrats!Im so happy that you’re close to 300 followers!I love your aesthetic and writing style.Keep doing you girl<3Id love for you to check my blog out too:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes thank you soo much!!😄It means a lot. And I just checked out your blog! I LOVE your practical posts, because I don’t find that much here. I swear I just made a mental note to read them ALL soon. Aaahh😁☺❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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