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Exams Done = Summer is HERE 🏖❤

HEY my beautiful little buds! *slaps high-five*

Gosh. Aren’t we excited.

Just as I handed over my Maths paper, I looked around and saw everyone grinning around, making mad faces and sinking into their chairs with enormous sighs. Others made high-five gestures in the air and soon there’s was HUGE hubbub of chatter, and happy cries. *rubs hands excitedly*

The day before yesterday was the last day of my exams- the grand and pompous Junior Cert. Exam.  AAAHH I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. THEY’RE. OVER.


After an exhausting month of revision, notes, refreshers, and whatnot, I’m finally free. My mind is in a whirlwind of what comes next. At first I could hardly process. Just as the bell rang, my brains immediately wracked themselves, trying to remember the next exam so as to plan revision. lol😂

I’m practically screaming and dancing and already feeling quite delirious. The day was fantastic, although there were a couple of mishaps. For one, I lost my Twitter account. WTF?!

I know I know. It’s madly infuriating. 😭 *sobs loudly*

I am locked out of Twitter. I tried every way possible to unlock it, but it seems I am apparently “too young” for Twitter. *curses under breath*

I’ll be starting a new account sometime later, because I’m still not over it. Anyway, that’s for later.👅

Combing back, my mind is in a highly hyper active mood, at the mo! All forms of tiredness and negativity seem to have disappeared. I couldn’t care less about anything other than summer. It’s highly contagious. Whether I have made proper plans or not is a whole other issue. Summer makes me go mad, no matter in what form it comes.

Although on one side I am crazily ecstatic, on the other, I feel a bit blank. And terribly tired. They’re over. I did my Standard Grades. Year 11 is done. What. No. So soon? That’s all? Is it SIXTH FORM already? I am growing old. Whaaatt?! No! I want to watch Noddy back again.😭

But well, I decided to put the thoughts aside for later, and had the best form of fun with my friends. Plunging into the ‘present’ was fab.

My friends and I went for celebratory burgers nearby and since most of the kids there were from school, it kind of became a full fledged party.

It was SOO much fun. See the kind of magic here? Everyone was dead tired from revising day and night, and sitting for exams hours together, but still there was so much dancing, singing and fun. And still everyone was at their happiest. ( Oh and let’s not forget the cake and food that was also a reason for the delight😂).

We took TONS of photos on every phone possible because it was our last time together at the same school, before we move out to different schools for college or sixth form. Then came the last dance, and we cried. There were hugs and tearful goodbyes, and it was highly heart-wrenching and emotional. But still the day gave me so much hope- something that said that, we being SO close together would never truly grow apart that easily. That we would always meet up and catch up with gossips and fun like we always do. ☺❤

It was definitely a lovely day. I came home with blissful thoughts later in the evening and only then properly noticed my room.

Boy, it was the biggest mess of paper and stationary. I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone mistook it for a waste paper mart. 🤷‍♀️ There was revision material scattered almost everywhere, a bunch of books and notes stacked in the corner and papers peaking out. Pens were everywhere, and rough sheets flew across the room, when I switched on the air-con.

Obviously, like anyone, I didn’t clean it up at once.😂 (Actually I still haven’t 😬)

I slept like a corpse after dinner, and woke up a bit late. I honestly couldn’t move. But I did jump out of bed later on, because SUMMER IS HERE!!!!

I quickly started going through my long-comprehensed summer plans and I am basically bubbling with joy. Since I missed out on blogging last summer, I’ve made my mind to definitely make the most of it this time.

My plans?

  • I’m going on a holiday to Delhi, the capital of India, and to Barcelona, Spain. It’ll be absolutely fantastic, because the places are quite tropical and I shall also be seeing one of the Wonders of the World. *gobsmacked*.

I will post a lot of pictures as I tour. 😊 I still badly wanted to go to Amsterdam this year, but sadly it didn’t work out. But 2 trips here already and I can’t help dreaming about beaches. 🏖💓

  • And then my cousin is getting engaged this July, so there will be TONS of wedding shopping, planning, organising and meeting up! She’s lovely, and I can’t help feeling extremely happy over all this. (YAYYY) *pumps fist in air*
  • There will be my usual dance lessons and practice, books, hang out sessions with friends, and shopping!
  • LOADS and LOADS of beach days!
  • I’ve got a major dance programme ahead of me. So there’ll be intense practice sessions. But these are the best, because during and after each rehearsal, my friends and I really have one heck of a timeroaming through shops, getting icecreams, riding bikes. 😍hjdsfncf

Whatever issues I had and faced, I’ve definitely thrown them to the back of my mind. Bloody hell, I can’t stop going into a deep state of euphoria, now. ❤

Summer is here and it is jam-packed with exciting plans and fun. God, who doesn’t LOVE summer?!😃🏖❤

How about you? Are your exams done? Summer plans? Any trips abroad?


Too glam to give a damn 💫

21 thoughts on “Exams Done = Summer is HERE 🏖❤

  1. exactly the opposite for me lol, my summer break just ended and now I have exams!Love this blogpost though.I would love to read a “summer goals” or “summer bucketlist” post!Keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah your break ended!!? I guess you must be in the Southern Hemisphere? But I’m sure you had a TERRIFIC summer!! 😊😊❤
      (Although exams suck. Uh😜)

      And yeaahh thank you so much!!😄😄 I am definitely posting my summer plans next. EEEE I AM HAPPY A.F.!!!!!! :)))))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. THIS POST MADE ME SHOUT WITH HAPPINESS YOU ARE FREE!!!!!!! :)))) I AM GRINNINGGG this is WONDERFUL!!!! Bring on the summer!! I’m so proud of you!!! *Wordless YELLING* Also NOOO YOUR POOR TWITTER ACCOUNT 😦 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      (Although I can understand if you’ve got mixed feelings about graduation. But it’s still REALLY WONDERFUL😊😊) Congratulations!!!!!!! You’re undeniably amazing!!💕❤ And yeahh let’s shake the blogosphere this summer, till it falls apart!!!😂😂 XXXX

      P.S. *sobs loudly* My poorest darling-my Twitter account😭 I MISS IT SO MUCH. I don’t even want to start a new one. :-(((

      Liked by 1 person

  3. When I was reading this I felt the same situation which happened to me .great plans….
    And thx for doing this I went to the past of mine.its hard but they are gold memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, I’m from India and my new school year started… We had our exams back in March and summer is in April and May. And boy, my room is still a mess from the time of my exams. Even after nearly 3 months😂😂😂 Your post reminded me to clean my wardrobe where I stashed all the mess away.
    Also I’ve nominated you for the sisterhood tag💞

    Liked by 1 person

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