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Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift || War and Hope⚡

I love songs that inspire rebellion. Songs that have an era of meaning hidden beneath its lines. Songs that make us want to dance as every note gets played. Songs that make me rise. Songs that comfort us. Songs that are on the whole,.. beautiful.

They don’t need catchy tunes; or a rock-and-roll drumbeat. They don’t really need auto-tuning and studio editing. All they need is a fiery depth of purpose. With a passionate melody that instantly transports us to the other world, but still let’s us hold on to the ground.

I love songs that soothe us. The ones that bring me to reality but still urge me to calm down, to find the ray of brightness that is hidden during those times we define as dark. The ones that give me hope. The ones which tell me there’s beauty in every form. The ones which tell me to find that hidden beauty in our mundane, mechanical days.

One of such favourites of mine is ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift. Which ofcourse, won a Grammy for the Best Song Written for Visual Media. 😉 ( The ” Visual Media” being the movie The Hunger Games jsdnkj. YASS. MY FAVOURITE. *fist pumps*)

Here goes.

Safe and Sound…

This song somehow wasn’t classified under her titled ‘hit singles’, though it won a grammy. And hence the share.

Do do do listen to it and let me know in the comments below!❤


Too glam to give a damn 💫

14 thoughts on “Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift || War and Hope⚡

    1. AJDJJW IT IS MY FAV TOOO!!! Thank you so much for listening. I love it so much and I’m so glad you like it too!! 😄😄

      And oh!! I’m sorry I didn’t see. Thank you so much for the nomination!! 😄😄xxxx

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    1. JSIWISH YESSS. The set is SO fitting and beautiful. It is on the whole, lovely, don’t you think? :)))) I’m so glaaad you like it!!!! xxx😄

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  1. Thx for telling about this song.Great song.cant stop hearing that song…… And became one of my fav song. SAFE AND SOUND ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊

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  2. THIS. This post is so beautiful and almost transports me to that “other place”. I love songs that bring the magic in the world out without having to declare itself as doing so. And I LOVE Safe and Sound, too. Something about the guitar and voice and haunting quality of it makes me shiver.

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