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Let’s Talk on Twitter!

Hiya everybody!

Recently, probably sometime around April, (I cant remember when exactly. Anyway that’s not the point) I lost my Twitter account.

I know right?! It freaked me out completely because I was quite active there, and my account was fairly big, with the tweets and followers. And I had worked to get there.

All the launch ups, chats and groups I was involved in, all GONE. Bam. Vanished. And my Twitter friends? I’ve missed them A LOT.

I tried soo hard to unlock it. I used all my email addresses and I even reported.

But well, as you can probably tell, it didn’t work. And it felt maddening. People were probably still tagging me/ texting me/ wondering why this girl suddenly ran off and how mean she is and how dare she not reply for months. But? Honestly I couldn’t have tried more.

And the very last thing I wanted was to start a new account and get frustrated every time I open it. So I just left it for then and moved on. Till now. When I thought I should maybe, probably, really come back?

(Agh I’m sorry my English sounds crap😂 but I haven’t been writing for such a long time! *hits head*)

So that’s my Twitter Story!!

And I’ve missed you guys a lot, so do follow me back!! I can’t wait to get in touch. And for the others who didn’t follow me before, just click the link and you’ll be there.

Click this to Follow me and I’ll Reach you back💕

My Username: @ThatBrinnnn

Also do post your Twitter IDs and links in the comments below!! I’ll reach you through that. There will be lots coming up so dont miss the fun!



Too glam to give a damn 💫

16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk on Twitter!

    1. Oh that’s a shame because I don’t use Instagram. However a lot of my friends use it so I’m more than happy to suggest your page to them!! And thank youu:-)) xxx

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    1. Hiya thanks!! And no it’s not..Oops! 😛I guess I should change it? Another person asked me the same question and almost got mad when I said no. I wonder why😅 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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