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Goodbye 2k18.

Oh yeah! It’s New Year’s Eve, right?


Its more like…OMG IS IT NEW YEAR’S EVE SO SOON???!!!

And its probably 2019 already in the East.


Lol but however, this time, I’m drilled with a blend of optimism and frenzy. I’m ready to move, to work harder and to celebrate life. I’m ready to leave this year, behind. And I can’t feel happier, saying this.🙂

But before I go, here’s a word to 2018. After all, we spent an entire 365 days with it, didnt we?

Dear 2018,

I can sense myself going through a multitude of emotions during the split second it took, while I addressed you as ‘dear’.

I’m sorry, but upon further consideration, I don’t think you are dear to me. You will never be. But that doesn’t mean I despise you either. You did give me showers of elation too. And they’re ones I’ll never be able to forget.

I don’t know. It’s always a case of me holding my breath, whenever I think of you. There are no proper thoughts or rather, words, that I can categorise you under. I still can’t seem to be able to judge you. You’re a plethora of colours to me. Shades of not just grey, but of vibrant greens, blues and violets too. On the whole, let’s call you the “Year of Extremities”.

There have been days just too bad, with a thick canopy of clouds towering over my head, not letting me have even a glimpse of light through the gaps. There have been weeks when I’ve drifted to sleep with tear-stained cheeks, every night. There have been days I’ve screamed silently into my pillow, which has grown to be my best friend, trying to muffle the cries.

Nevertheless, you let those storms bloom their way into a few inexplicable joys too. Joys that made me cry out loud with happiness…, the nights I couldn’t drift off, because I didnt want the day to end. The days I would whip out my phone to record everything around me, because I wanted to capture the moment in its essence and make it last forever.

So there were good times too. Fantastic ones. And yes, I’m not robbing the credit that you deserve.

I’m not romanticising here. You, of all people, should know that. These words are as precise as my breath.

All in all it’s been remarkable. Not good. Not at all easy. But rather, remarkable. I guess it’s been the most eventful year of my life.

From the Junior Certs to an amazing summer holiday abroad, a huge Year 11 Farewell Party at the Ritz, to weekend dinners at the Hilton and mega-huge dance recitals, this year has certainly made itself unforgettable.

It’s also the year I’ve started Sixth Form, choosing subjects that would later decide my college and thereby my career options. And ofcourse it’s also the year I became 16 years old. 🙂

Getting emotional here, are we? NOT. 🙂

2018 also saw me turning into a people-hater. I started dreading every minute of school, the place I’ve spent more than half of my life in. My grades dropped, confidence dipped and character faltered. But?

But those times made me savour every good moment there was, with a fiery passion. I savoured it like it was the very last. And on the whole, I’m not the person I was, a year ago.

I’ve changed. Things have changed too. I guess change is constant, and probably now is when I’m actually noticing it. Or probably this time, the change I’ve gone through is starkly visible, unlike earlier, when I would feel all blank, wondering what happened when. But this time, it’s all too clear.

Reaching the last few hours of the year, aren’t we? Its New Year’s eve. And before we bid the final goodbye, I want you to know this, 2018.

Like everyone on this planet, I’m hoping for a better year. A year full of prosperity and happiness, and growth. But there are no promises now, is there?

Whatever may happen, whether things change, or continue with more challenges, I’m ready. I’m ready to show the strength that you nurtured within me, 2018. You showed me that, each day anything can happen, but it is within us to make them happen our way.



Too glam to give a damn 💫

6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2k18.

    1. Aaah thank youu!! It means an entire LOT and yayy happy new year to you!!! And yeah here’s to a great 2019 for all of us!❤💕XX

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 😂😂😊😊👍 recollected my events,thx and u will have a great, wonderful extraordinary,excellent 2019. And you will have nice and pleasant memories. True and it’s damn true.😊👍❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you SO muchh!! Your comments always make me periliously happpyy!🙂Thank you for your constant words of support throughout. I cant tell you how much they mean to me every time. Happy new year!! I’m sure 2019 will be wonderful to you.❤ XXX


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