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Should I LEAVE the Blogosphere?


I actually CANNOT BELIEVE I am writing a post.


You probably have NO idea how I feel right now.

It feels DEAD CRAZY.

I have hundreds of things to say, and yet none. WHY? Because up until today morning, and since ages ago, I have been 100% (why not say, 200% ….even 300%) sure on deleting my blog. And the last thing I ever thought I’d do is actually write a post.

And I actually haven’t gotten over the idea yet. I still might or might not delete. But nevertheless, that’s why I am here. To better ask you guys.
Okay, I’m getting a grip. Very good.

And here’s the deal, since I’m kind of confused, and also because I want to make this clear (and also because I have been writing a lot of exams lately), I am going to bullet it.

  • First of all, the title looks like a big joke, asking you if I should leave, when I almost already left. I guess, it should probably say, ” Should I return to the Blogosphere?”. Lol. Never mind though.
  • I’m almost 99 percent sure that I’m not even going to harness one real person to read this post because, well, its my fault that I abandoned everything a year ago. Without much notice. [Translation: To that, 1% population, I’m counting on you!!]
  • But goodbye posts aren’t my thing, okay?
  • I feel like I sound very snarky. The reason? I simply don’t know. 🙂 I guess I’m just not in the perky mood. It could also be because the spacing thing on WordPress app is honestly getting on my nerves. No kidding.
  • Getting to the pointtt…*sigh* It doesn’t even seem worth it to ask the question after No.2. But I’m going to anyway.


  1. I leave the blogosphere.
  2. I start a new blog.

I was sticking on to Option No.2. But yesterday, for the first time in so many months I visited my blog. And I expected to see something cringeworthy because that’s how it all had somehow taken shape in my mind.

But all I could ever see was the effort I put into every bit of it. It all just came back okay? I remembered every bit. From the hours I spent customising and then re-customising every tiny detail. The way I used to wake up every morning to see if someone had replied to the post, I put up last night. And the effort it took to get readers. And make friends.

I’m not afraid to own it up. And I could see that. I could also see, that no matter how childish I felt some of the posts were (because obviously, it has been a while since I wrote them), my blog did NOT deserve to get binned.

But then, I’ve become 18 now. And where I live, this is my year of transition from a school girl into much more. And I’m embracing it whole heartedly. And I feel I want to start it new.

At the same time, I don’t want to let go of all the people I knew here. And forget the whole thing. But the fact that most of them have already left doesn’t help.

It’s so funny. How we were all together, as one cool huge community. And suddenly all of us started having second thoughts, and many disappeared. And many are just hanging on, not sure what to do.

I don’t really know. I see people tweeting about their latest posts and feel, “I used to do that too!”. And then again, I feel like “I’m sorry but I may like to read poetry and write sometimes. I think John Green sometimes carves his books using the 26 letters of the alphabet, into masterpieces. I think Shakespeare is legend and Robert Frost is amazing.

But I also like Maths and Newtonian Physics and Heisenberg’s Theory and Blockchains. (Blockchains are very cool, believe it or not :))) I like to read about history’s paradoxes and love doing probability puzzles.”

And the thing is, I hardly find those people here. I only found ONE person during my time here who did Science (Kudos to you, Ash!) and I guess she left years ago. And sometimes that, makes me feel like I’m wasting my time, chatting about bloody emotions while all I want to do is watch Ted-Ed.

I still miss my old friends though. (Wait, what happened with the bullets? Oops.) So if anyone of you is still here, do read this up. (That’s right, Brin. You ask people to read your post after they reach the end. Wow.)

I’m secretly hoping that most of you are just asleep and will spring alive, once I hit the Publish button. Even if you did not know me from before, I would really really appreciate your thoughts. And would certainly love to hear what you think.

Because after all, it’s the Blogosphere. If it’s not YOU guys, who else would I ask? Or where else would I go? :)))

Forever and ever yours



Too glam to give a damn 💫

34 thoughts on “Should I LEAVE the Blogosphere?

  1. I recently joined the blogosphere and a few moths ago I found your blog. I eventually realized the your last post was in 2018 and that you would never write again but, you did!! I really love your blog and I would love if you stayed and continued writing but, I think you need to do what’s best for you. Starting anew is something that everyone goes through because nobody stays exactly the same. When we grow up, we grow out of things we used to like and start finding new hobbies and things we like doing. Staring a new blog could help you gain a new perspective on blogging because it’s a fresh start with no past posts. Also whenever I’m trying to make a decision, I make a list of pros and cons and that always seems to help me think more clearly. Good luck figuring it out and it’s great to see you back:)

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  2. You’re back?!!! This is so exciting! I mean, I vaguely remember reading your blog but I think I interacted with you more on Twitter (😂). I get what you mean about everyone in out little community leaving – everyone started focusing on A Levels and Uni so I’m one of the last people who still blog (😂😂). In terms of what you want to do with this blog, honestly it’s up to you! Not that long ago I did a “rebrand” of my blog so that it was like I’d started a new blog without actually doing that. Maybe that would be a good compromise? 💛

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    1. Yeaah lol I’m glad you remember!! (Infact, I’m internally screaming 😛)
      And yeah I guess. That’s why I left as well, but now what’s the point when you don’t you even know when the A levels are😅😂. I was super RELIEVED to find you had recent tweets on Twitter. One familiar face ahh🤗

      And how did you rebrand? Sry though, it’s been a while. But I think it sounds like a good shot. :))

      P.S. Absolutely GLAD to hear from youu 😁

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      1. Well my rebrand was quite small but it basically meant changing the colour scheme and look of my blog with a different theme of blog posts. So, I’m a lot more book orientated now. Does that help, at all?

        Also, it’s great to hear from you too!

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        1. Oohh actually, I think I vaguely remember you doing that! And yes that helps a lot. Infact, i thought about it and changing the theme sounds genius. So I suppose, I’m going to go along with that. 😁
          Thanks a ton! :)) XXX

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  3. Ahhhh so happy to see a post from you! I started following a while back I think, when I first got my blog 🙂
    If you can’t blog anymore and you’re unmotivated maybe you could take a break but I would love for u to continue posting and everything! The blogosphere is so full of amazing kind humans and I’ve loved “meeting” some of them. It’s always very sad when a blogger I follow decides to stop but i hope the best for them. Starting a new blog would be loads of fun, to really rebrand and get a chance to start fresh but I also agree with you that it seems sad to just leave/delete your current blog, which was once maybe something you were very very proud of! Anyways this was a long rambling comment, but yeah! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Haha yess I sure do know about that! It feels amazing, already!! And no I guess, starting it new is a truckload of work. Customising a hundred times, phew!! But it was thrilling, most certainly. 😁

      And yes thank you very muchh. It always helps a ton to have someone genuinely help you think. I really appreciate it. :)))))

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  4. I’m gonna go ahead and make a decision for you because I’m selfish and don’t want you to leave the blogosphere for good. Now that there is a glimmer of hope that you could stay I want to fight for it because you’re worth it! I think you should continue because your blog holds so many memories (but if you want to start afresh thats fine too 😉), you said that you hardly find types of people on here that like some of the things that you do so why don’t you become the person that introduces us to them and we can become those people too? (The mind blown emoji doesn’t work on my phone as it’s so old but *insert here* anyway 😂). I have an influenceable mind and am open to learning math stuff if it’s coming from someone that I’m sure anything would be interesting coming from! 😂 You’re missed by many 💕 This place has changed a lot over the years and people have gone but I choose to shove that aside and take notice of the fact that new people have arrived too, there are bloggers here that haven’t seen your amazingness yet and that needs to happen so don’t you go anywhere. It’s a whole new community vibe than what it once was but it’s just as enjoyable in its own way and I hope you’ll choose to stay for it because it’s not been the same without you 🤞 Take care….and I hope this influences you to make the right decision 😂❤️xx

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      It took a while to digest this because oh my God, why didn’t I EVER think of this before? That I could talk about everything else too, here and not just books and feelings because that’s what most people are doing. And I want the mind blown emoji toooo. 🤓
      And trust me when I say you’re SO SO SO amazing. So positive, and wow.

      And guess what. Thinking of leaving feels a bit lame now. *oops* And another BIG BIG HUG TO YOUUUY ❤❤❤

      P.S. A very random question. Are the letters LMC your initials? I was repeating the name like a radio box today (Er..don’t ask me why😁) and couldn’t help noticing that it rhymed. :))))

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      1. 🤗😂😂 YES! LMC are my initials and so is Elsie (which is my initials L.C in name form. My name is Lucy✨). I thought of it in the middle of the night so I was a bit out of it tbh 😂💕💕xx

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        1. Whoa. I really didn’t realise there was so much into it! Also I guess that’s why it rhymes because it’s essentially the same thing😂
          Plus, my best friend’s name is Lucy! :))

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    1. Wow you made it so simple and easy. Gosh *mind blown* 😁🤗. And thank you very very much. I really appreciate it. And well, I’m only too glad I found your blog. :)))

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  5. NO NO NO NO. Absolutely not.You aren’t leaving the Blogosphere no matter what. I’ve never told you this, but your blogs inspired me to start blogging( and probably many others too). You contemplating whether or not to delete your blog reminds me of me tearing up all the pages of my diary and starting over because I was too embarrassed of the things I’d written when I was younger. When I think about it now, I wish I hadn’t done that. It’s amazing to read the stuff I wrote years and years ago, and it’s the same for you. You shouldn’t delete this blog and make the mistake I made. I deleted my blogs and started fresh and I regret it. Badly.

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    1. I SO WANTED TO TEAR UP MY DIARY TOOO😂💥 And yess I wanted to cringe at my posts and when I think about your old posts, I wish you hadn’t deleted them too. Guess that’s how it is. :)) Thank you SO SO much. It’s been dead AMAZING how we’ve managed to stay in proper contact all these years. I was SO BLOODY ELATED to hear from you JSJDBS YAAAYYYY. And that you’re now HERE on WordPress. YAYAYAY.


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    1. Oh my god aren’t we savage😂 A plain fat NO it is thennn. 😂🔥 And YAYYY THANKS FOR THE DANCING. I’M GOING TO JOIN HOLD ON …
      *dance dance dance and shake it all about* *somersaults * wbsjwjnsn
      GLAD. TO. BE. HERE

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  6. I just joined your blog and this is literally the first post I read and I already don’t want you to leave, am sure no one does…..
    Please stay
    And keep posting😐
    ~Girl Online😚

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    1. AJSJWJBDBS I want to say more than just omg THANK YOUU, but sadly I can’t find anything else. So thaank you!!❤❤

      Wow I really thought I was going to leave.😂 Thanks for helping to change that. XXX

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  7. So I thought I had sent in my comment but, I guess not 😂 I recently joined the blogosphere and about a few months ago I found your blog. When I realized your last posted dated back to 2018, I came to the mind-boggling conclusion you would never blog again but, you did!!!! As much as I want you to stay because I really love your blog (this is going to sound like cheesy advice ) you need to do whatever’s best for you. Maybe starting a new blog can you give you a new perspective because, it’s a new start with no previous posts to live up to or hold you back. Everybody changes and grows up so, sometimes starting anew is good and refreshing. Good luck deciding but , just know there’s bunch of people here who love you and your blog💕 Glad to see ya back 🙂

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    1. Hiya there! Thank you very much for the support. I don’t know why but I found your comment in the spam folder (which I didn’t know existed). Hence the delay.
      You words mean a lot to me. 🙂

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  8. I just found your blog and I love it! I totally understand why you want to stop blogging! It’s hard when you haven’t done it in a really long time and you just feel like not putting the effort in. But I would say keep this blog! This blog shows how much work you’ve put into it and you can easily change up the things that you want to make it more to you now that your older. I really hope you keep the blog! But if you don’t I 100% get it!

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    1. Aaahh honestly THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH❤ And I guess you’re entirely right. I guess I could change it and it’d still be mine. Cool. Thanks a lot for the support. I really really appreciate it😁

      And I’M glad I found your blog!! I instantly warmed up to it and simply can’t wait to read more of your posts. Honest. ❤

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  9. I really have to say this, I am very lazy to read even a para which contains 10-15 lines but when i read yours,you make it very interesting each and every line( with here and there a cute humour stuffs) .Each and everyone reading it definitely understand the effort you put for each writings. So coming to point,if you ask me I will say you to go with the 3.option

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    1. LOL thank you very much😂 And yes, I guess even though it was not what I was planning to do, it’s going to be Option 3 now.
      Yayyy :)))))) XX

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  10. Hey Brin! Just Scrolling thru ur blog when I found this. SO glad you decided not to leave the blogosphere☺️😃😄😅😍😍😍😍😌😌 your blog posts are seriously the best💗

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    1. NOW you’re making me cry 🥺❤❤. It is so weird to think about that now, because I honestly was going to leave😂 SO glad you came here to WordPress !! You’re a great vibe here Evin, and not many people have that. :)))

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