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A Thank You and A Goodbye

Before all of you freak out, or start collecting things to throw at me (being optimistic there😂), I’m going to shout scream tell you that I’M ACTUALLY NOT DELETING MY BLOG JIKSDFRYHDS.

Yayyyy to me!!

*intense self-partying*

But nevertheless, I did think about it, and after going through all your very cool suggestions, I have decided to rebrand and change my entire theme of blogging. (Thank youuu Bethany and Elsie. Don’t know what I’d have done otherwise.)

Infact, by the time you read this post, I wouldn’t be the Girl With Ironwings anymore. Feel free to check out my blog, to know more!

Here’s also to all my current friends here- shreya, neha, Mukta, Ash, Adria, Maddy, Elsie, Beth and others- who’ve been not only strong enough to stay when most people left, but also make this place blossom with the support you rain on people. You keep this place alive and wonderful.

And to the new friends I made- ainsley, Girl Online, Jasmin, Emily , Ceres and others – I can’t be MORE excited to have met you!! You made me feel as welcome as an old friend, and honestly, THANK YOU. 🙂

BIG HUGS to you Gracie, and Madesh for never leaving my side even when I left. I’m forever grateful to have met you. :-D. And to the friends who left, I hope the best for you.

Also don’t forget to CHECK THEM all OUT. :)) I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

I’ve never actually taken the time to thank everyone who made this blog wonderful, and encouraged me to write more. I honestly would not have continued at all, were it not for you who gave me a feeling that, while I may not be the best, someone. cares. So cheers to all of you, and hope you like my rebrand. Looking forward to years of blogging with you!!

Now, while I wish to move forward, I feel its only fair to give the Girl With Ironwings, the proper goodbye that it deserves. So here’s a farewell letter. Aaaand, I hope we’re cool. 🙂 *winks*

Dear Girl with IronWings,




Thank you. For everything. That’s all. Bye

I shall miss you. But I’m happy with who I am right now, just the same way I’m happy with who I was earlier. Do know that, when I first created you, I wanted my blog to be a place where I’d grow strong, be strong and make other people strong. Thank you, for helping me do that. I do not know how many people I’ve affected, but right now I feel I’ve done justice (even if it’s only a little bit)- to myself and to my friends.

The random emails and comments, people thanking me for the inspiration that my posts could somehow give them, the gratitude about the vibes that I had unintentionally spread, the problems that my blog helped them out of- it has all been too magnificent for me to simply digest. I thrive on intense emotions, and all this, made things magical for me. 💫

To all those people, I’m happy for you. I’m happy I could help you at all. But infact, to be honest, I was helping myself on the way too. 🙂 Over the years, you’ve helped me become the person I am, today. You’ve taught me to be nice to people, because you NEVER know their side of the story, and who knows who might become your best friend one day. 🤗

You’ve taught me that time and efforts do actually give people what they want, and even though it’s possible to feel lonely and lost sometimes, life is pretty beautiful too. 💕And most of all, you’ve taught me to believe in myself. You gave me the confidence that I’ve lacked forever, to the point where a favourite someone commented here that my confidence was what they liked best about my blog. I’m not sure if I’m there yet. I mean, I’m a nervous wreck😂🙆‍♀️ But somehow, that’s one moment I’ll never forget.

And now I feel, we’ve had enough time telling ourselves to be strong. And its time we actually moved out into the world. And show people, by living the way we want to. I’m sorry I skipped the starting. (Lol) I brainstormed for days but later figured out that, the effort I took to honour you with a goodbye, counts more than just mere words.

And also, like I always say, Goodbye posts aren’t my thing, okay? 🙂 *sticks out tongue*

Forever yours 💕



Too glam to give a damn 💫

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