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Lockdown Workout!

Howdy peeps! How are ya’ll?
(There goes my cringy attempt at sounding American………ish)

Not that I have a very native accent anyway.😂 I take on to mimicking accents a bit easily, so call me a mix of everything. ✌

So anyway,

Welcome To my Workout BlogPost!

Ever since my school shut down, I’ve been trying to get into a workout routine. I tried various exercises, apps and sites and (phew) I think I’m finally settling.😂
So if you’re probably hoping to lose a few pounds before summer, or even getting abs ( Hey, it can happen!✌😉) here’s a collection of all the things you can do! And importantly, remember choose what works best for you.

So first of all, I’ve never worked out at home before this.But I was fairly in shape because of all the track I used to do, initially.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ But once I left track, I spent more time on my dance lessons and well, to be a dancer you need to be fit.💃

So basically all the exercise I had to do was taken care of, by someone else. (I mean, my tutors😂) And it never even occurred to me to workout on a personal level. But with *cough* the lockdown *cough* , well I’ve gotten a lot of digital buddies who make my workout interesting!🤗

I’ve been properly working out only for 4-5 days and I’ve almost lost a pound already! Needlessly to say, this works as a huge motivator.

So here’s the deal. I’ll list down all the various apps, sites or just, methods, that I used and give a few pointers on each. But I’m leaving it to YOU to figure out which one works best for you. That’s one thing I’ve learned.

So let’s get into it!



I went here first, because well, YouTube has everything.😂 I tried a couple of youtube lessons but I got severe cramps on my arms even though they didn’t seem intense while I did them. It felt sad to give them up as I think they were a bit effective though. So, I dont know but it could work for you!

I’m not looking to promote any channels, but I did find a few good ones. I’m leaving you to browse on your own, as you can categorically get the ones you need- beginner, moderate, intense – and specific workouts like arm toning, leg workout or even full body workout  – and even special ones according to whether you want to get fit, get stronger, lose weight etc.
So be specific when you search.


Although the videos were alright, I kinda had to search for a different one every two days. Because you need variety, please. And besides I wanted them to be personalised.

So that’s where the apps came in.
I’ve started making my own routines combined with the Personalised Workout Routines my apps make for me

And I love these because there’s a bit of a variety each day, so the whole thing doesn’t become stale soon. Plus, the app keeps talking and acting as a guide in the background so it’s actually fun.😁


Adidas Trainer:

This one was a bit scary at first, but the app does keep you occupied with all the little extra things it has for you! PLUS it let’s you workout with friends, so DOUBLE FUN!!😁😛

WORD OF ADVICE: Please choose the Easy Option before you start. My friend said Moderate almost killed her.😂

But I’ve switched to another one now, because personally I wanted something quicker and simpler. Not a whole intense regime. But that’s just me.

Increase Height Workout App:

This one is bit less intense and super cool tbh. It decides your sessions based on your age as well, judging by the growth hormones we secrete.
So if you’re in your 20s, but still would like to grow tall, it might be possible (hopefully) and this app helps you do that, in the least.

And *cough* I’m not 5 9′ okay? I have to grow tall😭(getting desperate here)

Leap Fitness Group Apps: (My fav)

The reason I love these is because 1) they don’t give me heavy cramps.😂 2) Its quick. It doesnt necessarily force you through a 20 minute warm up session, like some apps do.😂

There’s a whole range of apps on Play Store by Leap Fitness Group.

They offer different apps for different purposes and people– men, women, growth workouts, weight loss ones, name it.
These apps are nice to use because technically,

1. They have beginners in mind

2. They have easy animations illustrating the workout.

3. There’s a background voice which keeps guiding you while you workout, and you’re timed.

4. It counts all the minutes you’ve spent, the calories you’ve lost etc. And the exercises are pretty quick too. It navigates fast. So before you know, you’ve already lost a 100 calories.

5. It’s simple and easy to navigate. This is mainly because, like I said earlier, each app has a purpose. So if you download their Weight Loss App, then you find all range of exercises that aid in losing a few pounds. So you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to see which one’s for you😂.

Samsung Health/ Apple Health:

This one is CRAZY FUN. It’s been on my phone since forever, and I’m just learning to use it.😂

NOTE: It doesn’t give you workout suggestions but records all (I mean, ALL) the activities you do. The calories you’ve taken in, the calories you’ve lost, the steps you’ve walked, the activities you’ve done sitting, standing or running, the treadmill😂… ahhh it’s crazyy.

In one word, I can honestly call it as Health Bullet Journal✌.
I especially love the part where I key in all the food I’ve eaten and it instantly calculates my points & calories. (IT HAD FISH AND CHIPS AS AN OPTION bwahhaha)


It’s got an absolute variety of everything- alll the ways you could probably lose or gain calories.😂 It detects walking even if its on the treadmill, just like that. So definitely recommended! So please check it out if you’re bored. It’s right there on your phone!


This should’ve been No.1 on my list, as this is probably the most engaging way to lose weight! You get into it for fun, and you get fitter on the go!
I can’t give many suggestions for this, for beginners at home since I didn’t learn to dance on the Internet.😅

But if you aren’t a dancer or have never danced before, I hear Zumba is always an option! Hey it’s for everyone😁✌


Coming to me, I usually go for morning walks plus jogging. I’ve been doing this regularly lately and it is really refreshing. Plus it’s a warm up for me.

Incase you’re wondering how I jog these days, I use the treadmill we have at home. Although I don’t prefer it to the fresh air, it’s really a boon at times like these.

So yes I’m trying to go for both morning and evening walks (speed walking) and light jogging nowadays. 

As for the workout, I start from the warm ups. And do a combination of different exercises targeting different parts everyday. Because fitness includes the whole body. Like I said earlier, I really need variety in life. 😅😂
But I take care to maintain it as a balanced routine, to make it more effective. 🙂
I also have my Apple Watch/ Mi Fit Watch on hand. But this isn’t the deal at all. I forget to wear it most times anyway😂

So that’s it for now! Be sure to try it out and I hope you found this post helpful! Working out seems like a lot of effort before you start but once you do actually START, it’s pretty fun to keep going.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Do you already follow any of these? If yes, which?
Stay fit and happy mates!


Too glam to give a damn 💫

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Workout!

  1. I always think to start doing exercises but i could not maintain doing those stuffs regularly. Definitely i am going to try anyone of the suggestions you have mentioned above. (try suryanamaskar it is really great). Thanks 😊😊

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  2. Hahaha, great post!! I’m trying to stay active but, obviously its hard to be as active as we all were before being quarantined. I try to do a core workout every day which is sometimes really hard;) 😉 I do miss exercising outside but, we all have to adjust to the situation at hand.


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