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13 Excerpts That Shout “John Green is Magic💫” ||Bookish♡||

Have you ever wondered how a person could intricately talk so much about everything in this world, and make it sound so freakishly flawed and imperfect, but yet insanely beautiful?

This man is someone who lights a spark inside every reader and says “You think you’ve explored every idea out there, but there’s a bigger madness inside you. Something that no one would have ever dreamed of.”

That’s by Augustus Waters, in The Fault In Our Stars. He explains that even though his life was not a long one, it was still its own infinity.

That’s from Margo Roth Spiegelman, Paper Towns. (I know. As if you didn’t already know that. Who doesn’t know Margo?)

That insane creature. I love her, maybe not all her ideas, but she is fascinating. And just too brave. 🙂

And every time I read this- and imagine it coming from the mouth of an 18 year old, with whom I feel I can resonate like never before, I lose it all over again.

In a good way.💫 :))

They muse together, looking at the eerie city beneath, glowing in the night-lights.

And now on a side note….Well maybe, I don’t agree with all of John Green’s characters sometimes.I don’t think smoking and experiencing smut are pleasurable things worth experiencing in life. Or that running away from your home is something fun.

I’m more on Quentin’s side. “Call that a character flaw, but for me its congenital”.

That’s again why John Green rocks to the sky. He actually understands people. 🙂

We travelled through The Fault In Our Stars and ended up melancholic, even thinking about how beautiful pain could be. And I don’t even know if that’s rationality.

It’s always his metaphors. And his theories. Hell, I adore them. His string of words that stretch across a single line, but convey a meaning that’s nine fathoms deep.
Now that’s something worth reading.

And then the 3 BEST ONES OF ALL, square in the middle. It is enchanting. (Well, they’re rectangle..ish?😅)

I really thought Looking for Alaska was a dumb book initially. SO. NOT 🙂

Then there’s this book! That’s Turtles All The Way Down.

This book’s synopsis tore me up a bit. And I thought I should never read it even if I get the book in my hands.
But I guess when it comes to John Green, the name speaks for the whole book and you should read it anyway. Because?

Well, its John Green. :))

Let It Snow, John Green

I love this quote the best of all in Let It Snow. I always look for the happy ending. Don’t we all, anyway? But I suppose happy middles are worth it too, because when you look back, that’s all you have.

THEY SO DO. THEY SO SO DO. Sometimes fiction speaks volumes about our messed up reality. And maybe that’s why we love it so much.

The final one. The point where you realise that sweet Augustus is actually no more.
That his letter to Van Houten was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read in your life. And something grips your heart way too hard, as everything sinks in.
After which the tears flows freely.

Well, mine did anyway. Yours will, after you get into the book/movie The Fault in Our Stars. ⚡

That’s once again John Green.


Too glam to give a damn 💫

40 thoughts on “13 Excerpts That Shout “John Green is Magic💫” ||Bookish♡||

  1. I’m really not familiar with John Green, other than the fact that I know the name. Your post has me intrigued. Hopefully someday I’ll have time to read for fun again.

    And the part about some infinities bigger than other infinities… that’s kind of true from a mathematical perspective, with infinite sets having different cardinalities. (Leave it to me to bring math into a deep philosophical and literary discussion… 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah I’m extremely GLAD you liked it!! 😁And yes I think you absolutely should, because it makes us think, you know? I feel such books are worth reading because they prevent us from being passive. :))

      And goshh yess! I honestly didn’t expect anyone to point that out so yess! *pumps fist in air*

      I realised that too and I was even more impressed how it made sense both ways. :))
      Thank you. Your comment has excited me a lot😁

      P.S. I remember learning about the infinities when I subtracted once, an infinite limit from another infinite limit and wrote 0😂. Oops.
      (♾ – ♾ doesn’t equal 0, yes? 😁)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the enthusiastic response… hehe 🙂

        Yes, that is correct, one function with an infinite limit minus another one does not necessarily give a function with a limit of 0. It could in some examples, but there are a lot of other possibilities. I was also thinking of Cantor’s diagonal theorem, I think it’s called, a way to prove that there is no way to make a one-to-one correspondence between the set of positive integers and the set of real numbers, suggesting that there are “more” real numbers than positive integers even though both sets are clearly infinite. (In character from my blog, I learned that in a class I took my second year at UJ, early 1996, and I’m currently in July 1995 in my storytelling, so I’ll probably write a story that mentions that at some point.)

        I haven’t been reading for fun, but I’ve been reading nonfiction, some that I have to read for work, and also a book about starting a church from scratch, which some people and I have been working on doing (unsuccessfully so far) for a while. And since I’ve been working from home and so many other things have been shut down, I started my blog again after a hiatus of a couple months.

        It’s nice to hear from you… how did you find me anyway? I’m just curious. I found you because I saw you liked some of my posts the other day.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Haha well I do feel excited😁
          And well I haven’t heard of Cantor’s theorem but I got what you said and yes, makes sense because Real Numbers includes everything!(except maybe imaginary ones)
          “There’s an infinity between 0 and 1” 🙂

          And wow that seems like a long while! Does your field of work include Maths? 🙂
          Also, that’s cool! Good luck with the church! I hope you see the light of it soon. 😄
          And yes! Most people are back from their hiatus because of the lockdown. (Including myself😛)

          And I don’t really remember..but it must have been from Discover or from a comment you must have made on someone else’s post (I think it’s the latter- it was a photography post?) But I remember reading however. I loved the story-ish flow of your narratives, with the conversations and such. I think those are entries? It was fun to read! 😁

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Thank you! 🙂 What I was going for in this blog is an episodic continuing story, so that each post/episode can be read as a story by itself, but it also has continuing story arcs. It is mostly based on true stories of my own past. Most of my friends who appear as characters here don’t know about it, because I want to be authentic and not censored by any awkwardness that might come up with me talking about them. I believe there are currently seven people from that era who know about it, and one of them (Taylor) even comments sometimes (as he did on the most recent post). (I’ve changed most of our names and the names of most places and buildings, just to be safe.) It’s been interesting revisiting that time period in my life, as well as revisiting the time in general. It was a unique time in history, with the Internet just starting to emerge as a mainstream technology but not taking over everything yet.

          I always appreciate comments and suggestions and feedback. And if you find yourself in the strange position of having a lot of time to read, you can always start from the beginning. 🙂 (July 5, 1993)

          My degree is in mathematics; I explained that in earlier episodes. I mostly chose that just because I was always good at it. I don’t usually talk a lot on here about what I do for work specifically, though, because choosing a future career will be a major story line once I get to early 1997.

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        3. I’m very sorry I found this in my spam folder. I don’t know what happened but I’ll see this doesn’t happen again. :))

          Ooh that is lovely! It must be cool to rewind all the events in your life and look at from a story point of view! I guess it’s both thrilling and satisfying. :)) And wow.
          And yes I shall definitely read through it from the first some day!

          Oohh I’m sure you enjoyed mathematics! I feel it sometimes helps me focus. And yes! Shall be looking forward to that episode! (The blogosphere lacks some good mathematical talk)😁

          Thank you for reading and sharing your views! 😁

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    1. Aaah haha✌😂 I didnt expect that! But I’m super happy you’d like to read now. I mean, who knows, once you start you might like it and then carry on?😁😁

      Thank you very much for reading sweetie 💕💕 XX 🙂


  2. Yayy but honestly! You should!. Its really beautiful when I pay attention to the detail, you know?🙂🤗
    You could try it since we have more time these days to try different things. :))🤗❤
    Thank you for reading!!💕 XX


  3. Absolutely love John Green books so this was a joy to read 🙌 Had forgotten a lot of the quotes, can remember resonating with quite a few of those words ✨ He sure knows how to write! 😂 Great post! ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaay thankk youu Lucy!🤩😁 And yeahh it was a while since I read them too but it was fun looking them up!😁 (I dont have the courage to read The Fault in Our Stara again!😳)

      Thanks for reading!💕🤗🤗 XX

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So I have complete mixed feelings about John Greens books?!?! Part of me loves all the beautiful quotes and all the nostalgic, youthful, lyrical writing, but then part of me feels like all of his books are trying to cram every rebellious, romantic teenage stereotype into one novel and there’s something in me that just wants to enjoy it, but can’t quite accept it haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaah well thanks for being honest😂😁 I think his characters aren’t stereotyped in most cases, but in some cases, yes you are right. Like the things he says every teenager surely does at some point.
      Well maybe they dont?

      I don’t agree with him there, but I love the way he writes you know?🤗 Maybe not the whole theme, but the ideas.🌟🌟 Ahh.

      Thank you for reading😁❤

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  5. Lol, love this post!!! Beautiful quotes/passages and omg I LOVE Augustus (and John Green for that matter for writing amazing books). I have not read Looking for Alaska but, I really want to…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Augustus makes me cry riverss😭😭 He is just TOO amazing and sweet. He gave up his ONE. wish. Aaah (I better stop before I recollect everything and bawl my eyes out😂😂)

      And well, Looking for Alaska was very cool, but nothing beats The Fault in Our Stars.😁😁✌❤


  6. These quotes are great! I’ll admit I have only read a couple of John Green’s books, but I remember reading The fault in our stars and being obsessed, and also I cried a lot but he is a very good writer and it’s so good when you get into books that pull you into their world and you forget about the real world for a little while! Fab post 🙂

    Chloe xx

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  7. I love the quote on loving people and places we have never met! It is so easy to love people and places we do not know, but if the love sticks with us after we discover all the pitfalls and flaws the places hold, then it is real love. 🙂

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