About Me

Central City Girl

Hiya there!

My name is Brin. (Well lol, not really, but we’ll get to that later xD) I’m 18 years young and basically a bookworm. But then, I’m also a dancer, a Maths & Science student and a blogger and all-in-all a dreamer. And?

You can start a 5 minute conversation with me, only to have it extended for 5 hours.

When I started this blog, I realised that my dreams and ideas couldn’t be limited to any one category. And that speaks about me- my varied, yet overpowering interests that never tolerate being overlooked. 🙂 And I thrive on intensity and new ideas.

I love genuinity, cleverness and laugh a lot. But then, I also love to leave a sparkle wherever I go.

I may not be the strongest, prettiest, happiest, and I’m certainly not perfect. But whatever happens. like the day the sun might inevitably swallow the earth and the moon, and the only life we ever have, (fandom alert anyone?!😂) and that even if we all pass away one day, to mere nothingness, I’ll still be me.


Brin x

Well, now we’ve met! xD