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Answering Your Questions About Moi!😇👐

Haaalo everybody!! Yeah so I’m back, with lotsa energyy yaay🥳🙌

Firstly THANK YOU for making this possible.🙌 I was terrified that I wasn’t going to get anyone to ask me anything but guess who was surprised😃😁💕

I also posted this on Twitter and asked people to DM their questions. It was shocking for me to get replies because Twitter basically ignores me 9/10😂🤷‍♀️

Anyway stories apart let’s JUMP IN!! *Drum rolls*


-How old are you?

Just turned 18 (yesss!)

-What’s your favorite movie genre?

Action or a good sci-fi.

(Some sci-fi movies are plainly pretentious and I hate them🤦‍♀️ Hence, good ones yeah!)

-What types of music do you like?

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The Awesome Blogger Award! 🥳🥳

Hallo there! Sorry you guys for delaying up! (I know you never minded anyway😂 Still I’m going to pretend you all pined for me because you lovvveeee moi don’t youuu. 🤗❤)

NOTE : To all those who are wondering what’s up with the excessive letters, it’s around midnight so I’m being very  religiously energetic. Aah. *sighs* The life of a night owl.

I actually had a lot of posts in mind but this one is highly delayed, so I figured I might as well do it before people classify me as an ungrateful aunt Fanny😂 Thank you.

So without further ado,

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How To Get The Flurriest Lashes Using Mascara

Applying mascara seems self-explanatory, doesn’t it? Just open the tube, swipe it on, and move on with your life. But well, good work is one which betrays no effort. Translation: Your eyelashes must look like naturals.


Although there are many ways to get your lashes done, a slick of mascara is the best way to create a fluttering fringe to your eyes- especially if you have light coloured hair and your lashes are harder to notice.

The most common mascaras come with a wand with a spiral brush at the end and this makes them quick and easy to use. Some contain fibres to add extra thickness and length to your lashes.

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A Day in a My Life during Lockdown |2020

Hiya there everyone! How have you all been?

I can’t say I’ve been having much of a blogging life recently, but in real life, I’m really living hard! 🥳

The number of things I come up with, for doing on an everyday basis sometimes amazes me. I mean, honestly, why at all would you be bored?

Also, this is just a part of it all. I could even come up with 10 more new things to do this instant and where would we be then? 🤗

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It’s About A Boy|| A Passing Friendship…Or Maybe More

I’m writing this here even though I know I wont be posting it anytime soon. Not for months, anyway. Or maybe, never.

Anyway, that’s largely beside the point now, isn’t it? The person I’m going to talk about is probably not never going to read this. But I think I should talk about this. And it had to be here, because there’s no where else I’d actually be giving so much of intensified feelings.

Not even to my friends, who are by the way, drifting apart to places I know not where. They don’t know themselves. There’s a general isolation occuring recently. But anyway, that’s again me going off track. I’m glad a few people I care about, are still intact by my side.


This is about a boy.

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Lockdown Workout!

Howdy peeps! How are ya’ll?
(There goes my cringy attempt at sounding American………ish)

Not that I have a very native accent anyway.😂 I take on to mimicking accents a bit easily, so call me a mix of everything. ✌

So anyway,

Welcome To my Workout BlogPost!

Ever since my school shut down, I’ve been trying to get into a workout routine. I tried various exercises, apps and sites and (phew) I think I’m finally settling.😂
So if you’re probably hoping to lose a few pounds before summer, or even getting abs ( Hey, it can happen!✌😉) here’s a collection of all the things you can do! And importantly, remember choose what works best for you.

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