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*Announcement* A New Collab Blog Launched!🥳

As if you didn’t know that already😂

It seems to be the talk of the blogger-town (should I say WordPress blogger town?) these days (yayy), which is AMAZING because it just makes my job a lot easier😂

Oh sorry. That’s not how you start a conversation. Hello ya’ll! What’s crackin’? 😁 Today I have a nice little announcement to make, (if you didn’t know about it), that a new collaborative blog has been launched this week! *crowd cheers*🎊

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500 Followers!!!! (My Stats went BOOM🥳)


This is crazyy. Wow

I actuallyyy reached 500 followersss!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

Okayyy. Whaaaaattt.😱😱😂And even better, for the first time in my life, not ONE, but 8 (EIGHT!!!) of my posts crossed 100 likes!!!!!!

Which I was absolutely sure wasn’t going to happen in a Zillion years.

😳😳 *tries to calm down*

*takes a deep breath*


Wait. First of all I’m going to stop pretending that the numbers aren’t a deal to me, because they SO bloody mean EVERYTHING to me right now.😇

I’m over the moon guys!! *waves from the moon*

Honestly, when I first started I was sure that reaching 100 subscribers was going to be a humongous deal. And then againn, after my 100 year hiatus, I thought getting about 10 people odd to notice me was hardly going to happen either😅

~Now 100+ likes on a post is making me faaainttt~

(Sorry for confusing you with the 10s and 100s😂✌)

And to think it has just been 2 months since I came back. And I distinctly remember havin 250 followers then, gaining 250+ subscribers in 2 months is super UNBELIEVABLE for me.

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The Awesome Blogger Award! 🥳🥳

Hallo there! Sorry you guys for delaying up! (I know you never minded anyway😂 Still I’m going to pretend you all pined for me because you lovvveeee moi don’t youuu. 🤗❤)

NOTE : To all those who are wondering what’s up with the excessive letters, it’s around midnight so I’m being very  religiously energetic. Aah. *sighs* The life of a night owl.

I actually had a lot of posts in mind but this one is highly delayed, so I figured I might as well do it before people classify me as an ungrateful aunt Fanny😂 Thank you.

So without further ado,

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The Perfectly Imperfect Tag (OMG)

Hey hey! What’s cookin’, good lookin’?😂

(Oh the pains I take to find an introduction each time😂 Next time I’m just going to get into the deal bang on. 🤙 You just watch lol)

I’m finally happy to do a blog post after a long time. But this time its a Tag, which I had unknowingly delayed posting, although I was really too excited. (LIKE I WAS REALLY EXCITED WHEN I FIRST GOT THE NOMINATION LIST LIKE OMG. THANKSSSS ❤ )

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