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13 Excerpts That Shout “John Green is Magic💫” ||Bookish♡||

Have you ever wondered how a person could intricately talk so much about everything in this world, and make it sound so freakishly flawed and imperfect, but yet insanely beautiful?

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YA Novels vs Reality *eye-roll*

Have you ever felt you have grown a fair bit now, but haven’t lived up to your full potential, or did the things you could have done by now?

Or life could have been something more “interesting and eventful” now that you’re growing old or something? (Oh get a grip, I’m around 16, not OLD old😂🙆‍♀️)

Translation😂: If you’re a teenager, have you felt like you haven’t lived you teenage life to the fullest?

***If yes, you might be having a case of Too-Much-YA-ficiton-itis***

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