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Exams Done = Summer is HERE 🏖❤

HEY my beautiful little buds! *slaps high-five*

Gosh. Aren’t we excited.

Just as I handed over my Maths paper, I looked around and saw everyone grinning around, making mad faces and sinking into their chairs with enormous sighs. Others made high-five gestures in the air and soon there’s was HUGE hubbub of chatter, and happy cries. *rubs hands excitedly*

The day before yesterday was the last day of my exams- the grand and pompous Junior Cert. Exam.  AAAHH I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. THEY’RE. OVER.

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Catching up after a couple of months

Aaaahhhh. Okay. Calm down.

I can’t believe I’m back??!!

Hey have you ever realised, too much inspiration pretty much equals no inspiration? I just did. *rolls eyes*

I’m back to blogging after 2 MONTHS, (a social-media-less one, at that) and I’m FULL OF IDEAS, and excited at meeting friends, that I can hardly fathom where to start even. 😂 (Oh God, pity me…. NOT! 😁).

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A Quick Christmas Journal 2017

Late Merry Christmas everybody!!🎄🎊

Heck!😲😂Christmas is over already??!
Omg am I the only one without a Christmassy post up on my blog?! *sniffs back tears*

I did enjoy Christmas terribly though! What with all the shopping bags, Christmas cards, fireworks, party and gifts, I kicked it through!!! *dances* It was such an exciting month. I loved my Advent calendar and everyday was filled with events and more work that there was no time to blog through it all haha.

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