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Can We Have a Honest lil’ Chat?🌹

Hey everybody.

Well, *sighs*, the first thought that’s pushing it’s way among all the other things bubbling inside me is, “Wow. What a lame title😂❤”
But well, I do have loads of things to say and I’m fed up of rethinking this. Not just once or twice but over and over, and yet I can’t seem to come to a conclusion.
~I’m feeling quite bitter so please don’t mind the sarcasm, if and when it comes out unintentionally 😅🤷‍♀️.
But if you were looking for an actual “Chat” here – as in a conversation with um… 2 or more people🤔 – let me tell you that this website doesn’t support that option and it’s going to be mainly me who is about to do the talking.🤷‍♀️
Ha. *The penny drops*
(The kind and generous me, ofcourse says you are more than welcome to comment 🤓)

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6 Lines That The Society Taught Us Wrong

Welcome back everybody!

I actually have no idea how to begin this post (oopsie daisy! *sticks out tongue*)😬, but I’d like to say that often we come across “wise sayings” or proverbs that we most often do not agree with. It was only on a chance encounter did I realize that not all we come across today, is the original version.

Or rather, not all that was said a million years ago has to be true today. Times change and so do our lifestyles and our ideals.✌

I came across these first on Tumblr (it’s such a mind blowing place *whoa* ) and immediately the possible existence of it all, caught my attention. It was a bloody revelation people!⭐🌟

There is More to Proverbs Than You Think!

Infact as a preamble, I’d like to say that many of our “so called traditional practices”, the age-old sayings, actually stemmed from wise people who actually did know what they were talking about and are indeed worth quoting or holding onto had they not undergone a change while travelling through the society; probably by people who were none the wiser.😶

( Hearing about the wisdom of the people of the yesteryears might not be new to many of you.😅 But often I end up thinking that people who crafted societal rules are often patriarchs who had nothing better to do.😅 (WHICH, is also true🤷‍♀️)

Either way,

Here are 6 super common proverbs/ phrases that were originally NOT what you thought they were..

1. Curiosity killed the cat

Nah. The actual version ?

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

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It’s About A Boy|| A Passing Friendship…Or Maybe More

I’m writing this here even though I know I wont be posting it anytime soon. Not for months, anyway. Or maybe, never.

Anyway, that’s largely beside the point now, isn’t it? The person I’m going to talk about is probably not never going to read this. But I think I should talk about this. And it had to be here, because there’s no where else I’d actually be giving so much of intensified feelings.

Not even to my friends, who are by the way, drifting apart to places I know not where. They don’t know themselves. There’s a general isolation occuring recently. But anyway, that’s again me going off track. I’m glad a few people I care about, are still intact by my side.


This is about a boy.

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About This Blog

Welcome Again 💫

I’m Central City Girl and I’m 18 years young. And? This is my blog.

One of my friends told me that life around her sometimes felt deadly dull. Banal. Trapped. And boring, if I should say at all. That nothing that happened to her seemed exciting at all. That somehow, at some point everything became mundane and pointless.

Have you felt that too, at any point? Well I have, for instance. Why the heck do we do what we do?

But isn’t that ridiculous? There’s just SO MUCH happening in this world. Every minute.

Every living second.

Things, that we know nothing about.

And isn’t that infuriating? We only get one life. And to die off without even getting to know about a quarter of it? Doesn’t it sound like lunacy or even.. stupidity? I mean, we say we’re unlucky but then everything is right in front of us, well within our reach and yet we don’t bother. What’s that called now?

After all, you’re the one who’s living. And you’re the one who’s yet to explore the magic hidden in this beautiful planet. You’re the one who’s destined to be the best. To be incredible. Working on things that others don’t even have a clue about.

What do you have such a huge brain for? Educate yourself. Know it. Know more. Stimulate yourself. There’s no time to be stupid. Knowing more doesn’t have to be what the society says you should know.

Know what you WANT to. Everything about it.

We needn’t sit and debate who is going to win the elections, which Minister said what about whom, or who was the most influential- Picasso or van Gogh?
Or brace ourselves and read the entire Divine Comedy, simply because its known as one of the greatest literary works in the world.

These things are important and monumental in their own rights. But different things matter to different people. Our interests vary. That doesn’t make them any “lesser”.

Our happiness lies in what truly matters to us. That’s where the key lies. We can only find it where it can be found.

I repeat, you have only one life. And its a masterpiece. Treat it as such. Remember to paint it the way you want it to look like when you finish.

And hence came this blog. To remind us to live. To speak up. To celebrate our lives. To grab the moment, because forever is composed of now-s. (yeah you got it. A fandom reference😂✌) To show how good life could be. 🙂

We have fun too. Here you shall find Discussions, Bookish thoughts, Inspiration, Chats, festive Hauls, Reviews, my Diaries, Rants, Deep thoughts, Photography posts, and Fashion. But? You’ll also find interesting stories to read, things to think and wonder about.

One day when you grow up, all you’ll be able to do is sit in front of the news and regret. Knowing you had the chance to change it. And you didn’t. Wishing you’d done something about it when you could.

Don’t wait for that long. Celebrate your youth. Celebrate life.

I don’t believe in pushing you. Or saying “inspirational things” like how brave and confident and amazing you are when maybe paranoia is your weakness. That’s idiotic lol. Let’s be practical. I don’t know you, and infact no one else does. Not even you sometimes. It takes time and patience to find ourselves. And only you can do that.

And so instead I show you around. I take you through places and talk about the world, the everydays, about my thoughts, dreams, and insecurities, hoping that it reaches out to you in whichever dimension you’d fancy. And tell you that we’re together in this world. And in that process, help ourselves make our lives a little better each day. 🙂


A Thank You and A Goodbye

Before all of you freak out, or start collecting things to throw at me (being optimistic there😂), I’m going to shout scream tell you that I’M ACTUALLY NOT DELETING MY BLOG JIKSDFRYHDS.

Yayyyy to me!!

*intense self-partying*

But nevertheless, I did think about it, and after going through all your very cool suggestions, I have decided to rebrand and change my entire theme of blogging. (Thank youuu Bethany and Elsie. Don’t know what I’d have done otherwise.)

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Live While You’re Young || It’s Now. Or Never.

You’re going to be 15 for only 365 days. And you could die at 16. Who guarantees you can’t die tomorrow anyway?

When your mum asks if you want to sleep in her bed, say yes. One day you’ll be in a hospital bed, and there won’t be enough room to make up for right now.

Stop being annoyed at everyone and everything. Just live through it. One day, you’ll be alone with no one to nag you. It’ll be quiet as death, and that silence will be deafening. You will never be able to travel back in time.

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