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Chosen: My New Story || Part 2!

Peek-a-boo! I’m back!

So here’s is the part 2 of the story. And just thaaaankss a ton ❤ for all the love you gave me on my first part. Thanks for inspiring me to write. I have no idea where I’d be without you. ❤

For those who missed the first part, you can read it here. Thanks! 😁

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Introducing Chosen: My New Story!!


I’ve never actually even dreamed of writing a story, though I love writing basically and LOVE reading and hearing stories. (Now that’s a whole different issue)

I never even attempted one, but that fine day, as I was writing something vigorously, I saw the words before me turn into a beautiful story. I contemplated because it was surprising; but then I didn’t want to let go of it in the middle.

Suddenly I just knew what it was all going to be about in the story. I somehow felt that my inspiration wouldn’t run out suddenly, and that’s why I am doing this.

Introducing you to my new series, Chosen

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Don’t be Shallow

What is the point of a diamond dangling on a deaf ear? Or on a heartless chest that knows no love.

Don’t be the one who gets fooled by an egg dipped in gold. At the first obstacle, it’s beautiful covering shatters. And there’ll be nothing that will please your eyes.

When you remove the scales from your eyes, and start looking through people, instead of just their faces, life becomes clearer. Rise your eyes to see into people’s hearts, not the way they make their hearts appear.