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A Nervous Lil’ Peek-A-Boo

Hello y’all 🙂

This is pretty much a huge update from my side, so if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you care (or probably just curious or bored who am I kidding lol) and either way I’m very thankful for that.

And if this is your first time on this blog, well, hello there! I’m Brin :)) (We’ll come to that part soon) Feel free to look around as much as you’d like to!

And if you’re one of my regular readers, a big FAT hello to you! I’ve missed you guys a lot!

Now, I do not know how much difference my words might make, probably nothing for all it’s worth, but well I suppose I’m obliged to do this, at least for myself.

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Hello December + What I’ve Been Up To

December is one of my favourite months of the year! ❄ This year has truly flown by, and saying that is only an understatement. 🙂 Unbelievable that it shall be 2021 in 3 weeks!!🌸

I know I happened to have missed blogging through the November festivals and so I was almost going to do a late post. But come on, with December ahead of us who really cares about a spent month?😁

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*Announcement* A New Collab Blog Launched!🥳

As if you didn’t know that already😂

It seems to be the talk of the blogger-town (should I say WordPress blogger town?) these days (yayy), which is AMAZING because it just makes my job a lot easier😂

Oh sorry. That’s not how you start a conversation. Hello ya’ll! What’s crackin’? 😁 Today I have a nice little announcement to make, (if you didn’t know about it), that a new collaborative blog has been launched this week! *crowd cheers*🎊

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Can We Have a Honest lil’ Chat?🌹

Hey everybody.

Well, *sighs*, the first thought that’s pushing it’s way among all the other things bubbling inside me is, “Wow. What a lame title😂❤”
But well, I do have loads of things to say and I’m fed up of rethinking this. Not just once or twice but over and over, and yet I can’t seem to come to a conclusion.
~I’m feeling quite bitter so please don’t mind the sarcasm, if and when it comes out unintentionally 😅🤷‍♀️.
But if you were looking for an actual “Chat” here – as in a conversation with um… 2 or more people🤔 – let me tell you that this website doesn’t support that option and it’s going to be mainly me who is about to do the talking.🤷‍♀️
Ha. *The penny drops*
(The kind and generous me, ofcourse says you are more than welcome to comment 🤓)

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Playing Would You Rather…? || Blog Version! ♠

Hey hey hey! How are you? 🤗 How are you dealing with the back-to-normal-but-nothing’s-actually-normal phase of 2020?

I, for one have been facing an intense writer’s block, goodness knows why. (serves me right). And just um…moving around like a zombie….just watching all the work pile up.😶

The One useful thing I’ve been doing is catch up with all your blogs lately, something which I haven’t been able to do for a while and now I’m feeling satisfied🤗 (Kinda? Not yet done reading, so look out for a stalker!👀)

Now that I’ve said that 😂, rambling’s apart, today we have a guest!! And she’s here for another spicy game on my blog yayy!! *crowd cheers*

Would You Rather..? – Blog Version! ♠

Theme: Bloggin’ !

We have Evin here from The Curly Sue’s Ramblings. Welcome Evin! *drumroll*

Here she comes!

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6 Lines That The Society Taught Us Wrong

Welcome back everybody!

I actually have no idea how to begin this post (oopsie daisy! *sticks out tongue*)😬, but I’d like to say that often we come across “wise sayings” or proverbs that we most often do not agree with. It was only on a chance encounter did I realize that not all we come across today, is the original version.

Or rather, not all that was said a million years ago has to be true today. Times change and so do our lifestyles and our ideals.✌

I came across these first on Tumblr (it’s such a mind blowing place *whoa* ) and immediately the possible existence of it all, caught my attention. It was a bloody revelation people!⭐🌟

There is More to Proverbs Than You Think!

Infact as a preamble, I’d like to say that many of our “so called traditional practices”, the age-old sayings, actually stemmed from wise people who actually did know what they were talking about and are indeed worth quoting or holding onto had they not undergone a change while travelling through the society; probably by people who were none the wiser.😶

( Hearing about the wisdom of the people of the yesteryears might not be new to many of you.😅 But often I end up thinking that people who crafted societal rules are often patriarchs who had nothing better to do.😅 (WHICH, is also true🤷‍♀️)

Either way,

Here are 6 super common proverbs/ phrases that were originally NOT what you thought they were..

1. Curiosity killed the cat

Nah. The actual version ?

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

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Back to Back with a ton of Musing!

Heyheyhey everybody!!

S.o.m.e.o.n.e. i.s. B.a.c.k…. ooolalalaaa.😁



Hmm.. Hey, I’m feeling like resurrection Mary. You’re probably thinking, “Oh. Okay. So this female’s not dead.”.

Yes darling. 🤷‍♀️Not dead.


We could pretend you are all completely PSYCHED about me returning !!!!

WHOOHOO CITIZENS OF THE INTERNET! I’m so bloody back to blogging, and as usual with tons tons and tons of ideas and everything because these thousand-year long breaks seem to wreck me up.

At this point I honestly do not know, if I break off from here because the shitstorm starts. Or the shitstorm starts because I’m taking breaks.

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500 Followers!!!! (My Stats went BOOM🥳)


This is crazyy. Wow

I actuallyyy reached 500 followersss!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

Okayyy. Whaaaaattt.😱😱😂And even better, for the first time in my life, not ONE, but 8 (EIGHT!!!) of my posts crossed 100 likes!!!!!!

Which I was absolutely sure wasn’t going to happen in a Zillion years.

😳😳 *tries to calm down*

*takes a deep breath*


Wait. First of all I’m going to stop pretending that the numbers aren’t a deal to me, because they SO bloody mean EVERYTHING to me right now.😇

I’m over the moon guys!! *waves from the moon*

Honestly, when I first started I was sure that reaching 100 subscribers was going to be a humongous deal. And then againn, after my 100 year hiatus, I thought getting about 10 people odd to notice me was hardly going to happen either😅

~Now 100+ likes on a post is making me faaainttt~

(Sorry for confusing you with the 10s and 100s😂✌)

And to think it has just been 2 months since I came back. And I distinctly remember havin 250 followers then, gaining 250+ subscribers in 2 months is super UNBELIEVABLE for me.

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Playing Never Have I Ever|| Blog Version!♦️

Hello everybody!!! How are you all?😁🙌 I know we’re all busy and trying to keep ourselves occupied, but where’s the fun without a little game!?

So let’s bring back a little of the excitement in our lives by playing this spicy game on my blog!!🥳🥳

Never Have I Ever – Blog Version!♣️

So here we have Rose, from Girl Online playing today. Welcome Rose!! *drumroll* It was super exciting to work with you!🤠🙋‍♀️ Looking forward to more collabs in the future🤗

NOTE!! I am playing the same game on her blog, and spilling a lot of tea!! Rush over here, to check that out!✌

Let’s get into the Game!

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