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Can We Have a Honest lil’ Chat?🌹

Hey everybody.

Well, *sighs*, the first thought that’s pushing it’s way among all the other things bubbling inside me is, “Wow. What a lame title😂❤”
But well, I do have loads of things to say and I’m fed up of rethinking this. Not just once or twice but over and over, and yet I can’t seem to come to a conclusion.
~I’m feeling quite bitter so please don’t mind the sarcasm, if and when it comes out unintentionally 😅🤷‍♀️.
But if you were looking for an actual “Chat” here – as in a conversation with um… 2 or more people🤔 – let me tell you that this website doesn’t support that option and it’s going to be mainly me who is about to do the talking.🤷‍♀️
Ha. *The penny drops*
(The kind and generous me, ofcourse says you are more than welcome to comment 🤓)

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Playing Would You Rather…? || Blog Version! ♠

Hey hey hey! How are you? 🤗 How are you dealing with the back-to-normal-but-nothing’s-actually-normal phase of 2020?

I, for one have been facing an intense writer’s block, goodness knows why. (serves me right). And just um…moving around like a zombie….just watching all the work pile up.😶

The One useful thing I’ve been doing is catch up with all your blogs lately, something which I haven’t been able to do for a while and now I’m feeling satisfied🤗 (Kinda? Not yet done reading, so look out for a stalker!👀)

Now that I’ve said that 😂, rambling’s apart, today we have a guest!! And she’s here for another spicy game on my blog yayy!! *crowd cheers*

Would You Rather..? – Blog Version! ♠

Theme: Bloggin’ !

We have Evin here from The Curly Sue’s Ramblings. Welcome Evin! *drumroll*

Here she comes!

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